Top 5+ Small Business Ideas


Mobile food is one of the most incredible small business ideas in Maryland. If you are a foodie and have a keen interest in cooking, make your pastime hobby a way to earn a steady income.

1. Food Truck

Maryland is a hotshot tourist spot. Airbnb and renting services will provide you with high profit-earning opportunities. Tourists are eager to find less expensive living arrangements.

2. Airbnb

Who doesn’t love animals? Being one of the poshest places in the USA, a lot of people in Maryland are highly involved with pets. Being a pet sitter or a dog walker is a very creative small business idea.

3. Pet Sitting

Though Chicago has a variety of cake shops available around the city but if you have your hands on the baking products, then you too can try your skills here and give it a new aspect with not only selling cakes around but some extra baked products too.

4. Bakers & Cakes

You can become a personal trainer and offer fitness services. Being a commercial hub, the working class of Maryland is massive, and people hardly have time to hit the gym. By opening your personal training services, you will create a profitable business opportunity.

5. Personal Trainer

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