Top 6+ Small Business Ideas


As we are aware this state has diversified soil and types of the landscape which is an ideal environment for livestock farming. You can start your business in dairy products, poultry farming, and eggs.

1. Farming Business

With the increasing need for the home delivery of food and other essential items, the demand for delivery services is also increasing. One of the best small business ideas in Oregon it requires no space to start with.

2. Delivery Service

Being a tourist place, various service industries are working in the city. It opens up the best opportunity to become a virtual assistant. The sole responsibility of the virtual assistant is to make calls, book appointments, and keep track of work.

3. Virtual Assistant

Going to Oregon and not getting a locally made souvenir is practically impossible, making this one of the most profitable business opportunities. It is critical to conduct market research before getting started with the business. Finding the local artisans and their craft is the key to creating a successful business.

4. Antique Shop

Oregon is a picture-perfect location. People come to the city to explore the exotic locations and take some of the great memories with them. Though there are selfies in trend, the charm of the camera picture is just unique.

5. Photography Service

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