Top 15 Small Business Ideas in


Delivery service could be for anything, right from the food to packages, couriers to e-commerce orders. As there are more and more businesses developing, the need to deliver services is upsurging rapidly.

1. Delivery Services

Being one of the high-tech cities in the United States, it offers an abundance of new gadgets to the customers where buying them is more accessible than repairing them.

2. Gadget Repair Store

These days, every business needs advertisement for their promotions to happen; therefore, they prefer hiring some professionals to advertise their products on a large scale.

3. Advertising Service

Photoshoots are not limited to the entertainment business; instead, this business is growing quite well in recent years. Any events that happen need them to be clicked, which occurs with a team of professional photographers and videographers.

4. Photography Business

This business requires a little investment, but baking always stays up in the market as cakes are necessary on most occasions in every city. When you plan to start your small business in cakes and baking, try to make it a unique one by adding the theme to your bakery products or customizing them as per the requirements.

5. Cake Store

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