9GAG Pro MOD APK V6.9: Download [Fully Unlocked Premium]


A Hong-Kong based entertainment platform flooded with hundreds of funny videos uploaded by the millions of visitors daily visiting on the platform, 9GAG is truly one of the finest entertainment platforms. With hundreds of funny memes, interesting GIFS, small videos, and entertaining clips, surfing through the site can never be boring.

While 9GAG is the funniest app for the viers to go LOL, kill time positively, and make new friends, few features are not accessible with the original version. The application is handy and quite simple to use. With the endless content and smooth loading, the application brings the technological tools and humorous content altogether.

With over 10M+ downloads and HD quality content, one can have unlimited fun with people worldwide. Sharing hilarious posts and also discovering the funny side is the best feature of the application. The latest modified version has removed the unwanted permission requests that allow the user to enjoy the hilarious content without interruption.

9GAG is one of the most famous and acceptable streaming platforms for humorous and light entertainment content. Let us have a quick look at the prime details of the APK.

9GAG MOD APK – A Quick View

Latest Version6.96.00r23471-0e66b5bcfd
Developer9GAG, Inc.
RequirementAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Size18.97 MB
MOD ChargesFree
MOD Unique FeaturesFree from unwanted permissions
Release Date7 March 2013
Update Date 9 January 2021

Features of 9GAG MOD APK

The best for all the funny and hilarious content, this is one application that has no match. A superior application in terms of the content offered and also the services, the best features that the user is going to enjoy once he starts using the 9GAG entertainment platform are:

  • Endless Funny Content

The simple to use interface can be used anytime, anywhere, and the entertainment content is endless and excellent. No one can ever feel boredom while using the platform.

  • Interactive Posts

The opportunity to upvote the funny content and promote the one that really makes you feel happy can be shared with others. The use of the comments on the posts allows the users to interact with other users as well.

  • No Startup Consent

Using this feature can stop the option of the application to start on its own. It means the application will run only when the user wishes to and so that the user can manage the content and the cookies. 

  • Ad-free

The application allows the users to stream through millions of funny memes, jokes, GIFs, and a lot of entertainment content without any interruption. No ads in the middle can multiply the fun of enjoying the hilarious content online. 

  • Increased quota

While using the advanced and modified version, there is a chance to follow 90 boards simultaneously. The increased space for a boards’ quota allows the user to enjoy multiple contents without letting any of the favorites boards go.

  • HD Quality content

Enjoying the LOL content in the HD quality makes it even better. The free to download and save HD quality content at the highest quality possible makes this application one of the funniest applications of all time.

  • Customize the profile

This feature allows the user to choose from an array of options for the profile. The user can also customize the color of the profile, adjustable quota, load cooldown, comments, and more. Additionally, enabling the badges to display the status of the 9GAG community makes it really entertaining.

  • Disabled Unwanted Permissions and Analytics

The new features added have disabled Unwanted Permissions and Analytics in the application making it even more user-friendly. The unlocked new features allow the user to be one of the featured categories of the 9GAG community, making it even funnier.

  • Dark Mode

The low light theme allows the user to browse through 9GAG content easily, even at night. Without staring at the eyes, the dark mode makes it a surety that the fun is not compromised at any level.

To Wrap Up

9GAG MOD APK is one of the best and modified applications available for entertainment online. Offering a range of funny content, the content available on the platform is one of the best. With the simple and accessible user interface, using this application is quite simple. And as reflected in research, 78% of the users have developed abs from laughing, so the 9GAG is really great for a superb body too. Feel the immense and ultimate entertainment while you get immersed in the jovial world of 9GAG.

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