List of 19 Business Ideas To Start In Tennessee

Tennessee, a state in the U.S.A., is located in the South-Eastern region of America. It has dynamic cities, expanding population, and growing business opportunities. Furthermore, it being an enthusiastic countryside, has transformed itself into a manifold economy in the past years.

Likewise, It has various multinational corporations incorporating various small and medium scale businesses in different territories. It is a growing state and there are a lot of business opportunities in Tennessee, so let’s find out.

19 Business ideas to Start in Tennessee

Let us discuss on what and how to start business ideas in Tennessee:

1. Real Estate Business

Start Real Estate Business

With a flourishing housing market in Tennessee, the real estate business might be your best bet to start. Big cities like Nashville are growing at a swift rate, and more and more houses and buildings are being built at high speed. The growth may be slow, but this business can gain you hefty amounts of profit by investing. Also, it will surely take time and patience.

The steps to know are:

  • Complete the Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Education and other requirements
  • Pass the Tennessee Real Estate Salesperson Exam to start.
  • Collaborate with a Property Management Company.
  • Get yourself registered with the New York Department of State
  • Build the portfolio and start working with the referrals.

2. Refurbishing Homes/Houses

Investing in real estate can be profitable, but it definitely takes time. Nevertheless, if you want to earn in less amount of time, you can start refurbishing homes and also modifying them.

This state has a lot of older homes, especially in cities like Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis, 31% to 38% of homes are built before the 1960s. Newer generations want their house to be in today’s fashion and therefore, people would be searching for contractors who provide such kind of service to them.

3. Information Technology (IT) firm

IT sector is one of the most growing sectors in this era. One such thing is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each and every company in each and every field is trying to increase AI as much as possible.

Consumers fancy everything for high-tech. Some examples are Audit companies and Computing companies, which are finely searching for investing in IT firms.

Tennessee, known for its high interest in music, can also be seen as a future in IT. This is a new business idea to start in Tennessee.

4. Baked Goods Store Business

Start Baked Goods Store Business

The baking product industry can be an incredible source of earning as there are a lot of foody lovers out there. Are you good at baking? If yes, then there are a lot of baked products which you can supply as there is always a demand for bakery products in the state.

From making cakes to donuts, biscuits, and even baked chips. You can offer customized products for customers, and also keep a varied variety to attract more customers. 

5. Catering Service

Catering service, also known as tiffin service, is a demanding and essential service. People working in a particular city are not necessarily residents of it.

Consuming food from restaurants and hotels can be injurious and costly. Not everyone knows how to cook and is in a search of some good and cheap alternative, which is home-cooked, or it is as good.

If you have a taste in your hands, just go for it as it is one of the best small businesses to start in Tennessee.

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6. Landscaping Business

There are a lot of people who own big yards or gardens but do not have time to maintain them. They are always in search of firms that are ready to take care of their properties. Near about 41% of Americans lend their yards to a landscaper.

With residential clients searching for landscapers, there are also some commercial companies who tend to hire them. Other opportunities can be searching for maintaining exotic plants, or even maintenance of a golf course.

7. Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

It is a known fact that the beauty industry is an expanding business across the globe. With the increasing importance and significance of wanting to look and feel good, focus on self-care and wellness, people, especially women, are ready to shell out cash to look and show off their beauty.

Even tourism affects this business as citizens from outside want to explore different styles and therefore whenever they visit, they search for good salons.

The things to consider are:

  • Get the skills and certifications to start with
  • Develop a portfolio to share with potential customers.
  • Joining freelancing and other platforms.
  • Build the reach with the help of the referrals.
  • Set up your service portfolio to share on social media.

8. Online Recruiting Agency

Online Recruiting Agency

Tennessee is one of an expanding states in the USA. The music industry is one of the key fields in which the local public is interested in. It also has the largest manufacturing automotive industry.

Nissan is one of the largest companies in North America which manufactures automobiles. Volkswagen and General Motors are also two other major companies that manufacture automotive and its equipments.

Companies are always in search of raw and skillful talent. Recruiting them for these companies can fetch you a good amount of funds.

The important to point note are:

  • A profitable business requires knowledge of recruitment.
  • Connect with a recruitment agency as a freelance recruiter.
  • Search for potential employees of professional platforms.
  • Connect and conduct preliminary interviews.
  • Connect with firms to explore more opportunities.

9. Fitness/Yoga Center

Fitness/Yoga Center

With fashion growing at a rapid rate, there are people who want to look smart and exceptional. They want to take care of their health and body with fashion as well.

In this era of social media, people want to show off their physique and let people know that they can work hard to maintain a good healthy body. Nobody likes to have an obese or a malnutritioned body. And, with physical fitness being important, mental fitness is also a great necessity.

Without good mental health, you cannot maintain a good body. Fitness exercises and yoga can not only help you stay fit physically, but also mentally as well. This is a nice small startup business with very less investment.

Things to know to start the same are as follows:

  • Get certified in the fitness training of your choice.
  • Start an online service to offer fitness tips.
  • Design a complete template of the range of services.
  • Define a time for each session and go online.
  • Seek feedback and referrals to reach a greater audience. 
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10. Arts School

Arts School

If you are good in arts and have a professional skill related to it, you can start an art school. Art is entrenched in the culture of the state. People will support this creativity unquestionably and will motivate their children to adapt to this environment as a hobby.

You may need to invest in specific tools and also for a place to set it up, but if you have a garden or an open space, it can save you some money. You can even sell of your work by arranging exhibitions or by collaborating with them.  

11. Car Wash Business

Start Car Wash Business

The demand for cars is increasing day-by-day and almost each and every house has a car or two parked in front of their house. People often search for beauty salons for themselves, but there are some who want to give their car a beauty treatment as well.

Not everyone has time to keep their car clean and sparkling. They are in search of car wash stores where their cars get spa treatment in a budget friendly way.

Opening a car wash store can make you invest a good amount of money, but it is also an intelligent way to earn good amount of profit. The better and cheaper services you offer, the more customers you can attract.

The things to know are:

  • Start with obtaining the license for the service.
  • Obtain the Car Wash Self-Certification.
  • Collaborate with car wash facilities to bring in cars.
  • Secure the clients to offer the service.
  • At last, the only important thing is to grow.

12. Barber and Grooming Store

Start Barber and Grooming Business

The haircut is a crucial and unavoidable part of life for both men and women. Men need grooming on a day-to-day basis. Women have to be up-to-date according to the trend and fashion in the market. Men have to take care of their beards. Not everyone can maintain it at home.

Therefore, they both need a suitable and cheap place where they can be taken care of in the best and cheapest way.

Just investing in some tools and a little talent can earn you hard cash.

13. Driving School

As you know, more and more teenagers are ready to get their driving license and therefore, are in search of driving school so that they can quickly get their hands on their personal vehicle.

Opening a driving school is a very easy and great way to earn a good amount of money. If you think you are good at driving and can instruct new drivers, this business is a good to go option.

You do need to invest in fleet and business licensing, but you can make a way out by leasing and getting back your investment over a small period of time.

14. Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

People are more than happy when they can conveniently complete their work without any effort, and cleaning and ironing of their clothes is one of them. Working people are already tired of working and search for a convenient and cheap way to get their clothes fresh and ironed whenever they want to leave for their job in the morning.

Setting up this business does not require a huge investment, just make sure to open it in a residential area and to gain more customers, offer them home pick-up and drop facility.

These require the following considerations:

  • Identify your target market effectively.
  • Make the business plan and acquire the inputs.
  • Get all the permits and licenses. 
  • Start promoting the doorstep services.
  • Connect and seek referrals to grow.

15. Refurbished Household Appliance and Repair

Refurbished Household Appliance and Repair

New appliances can be costly, and it does not fall in everyone’s budget. There are a lot of people who shift their houses and don’t want to be in a hassle by shifting their appliances.

This is where you can grab an opportunity and buy old appliances for a cheaper price and refurbish them. You can sell it for a good profit, and in lesser price than a new one. You can even rent the appliances and earn from it as well.

Just remember that only honesty will work here as people only attract when you have a good name in the market. 

16. Taxi Service

Start Taxi Service business

If you already own a car, you can start a cab service. If you don’t own one, you can buy a used car anytime at a cheap price and convert it to a convenient money-making machine.

Marketing cab service is now a thing of the past. With lots of companies offering and marketing cab service, you can always approach them and work through and with them, and share your ride with your convenient time.

The only things to keep in mind for this job is that you should have a valid driving license, and there should be no criminal record.

17. Barbeque Restaurant

Barbeque Restaurant

Setting up a BBQ restaurant is a very good business idea for a food lover. You should have skills in cooking delicious BBQed food. You can have unique recipes to attract customers and make a different fan base for yourself.

Furthermore, you can also start online food orders and home delivery to attract more customers and get reached to more public, as the more famous you are, the more the demand.

18. Computer/Laptop Repair

If you have mastery in repairing computers and laptops, this is a demanding and a necessity kind of business. You can easily earn from this business as every now-and-then, one or the other laptop or computer has a problem and from a normal working person to big companies, everyone has a personal laptop or a computer.

You do need some tools to repair them, but they are not very costly, and it is a one-time investment business.

19. Elder Care

Start Elder Care Business

In today’s life, everyone is busy working somewhere or the other. And having old parents, it’s not easy to work and give them time and also care for them. They need medicines and food on time, sometimes can also need an emergency helping hand.

They need to be looked after with utmost care. This business can earn you good and not many skills are needed for it. This can be good for housewives or young girls who want to earn some money staying at home. This is one of the small business ideas to start in Tennessee.

The things know about it are:

  • Complete your certification required for eldercare.
  • Connect with the platforms offering eldercare.
  • Start working as per the time available.
  • Find referrals from existing customers. 
  • A profitable business also needs branding.


These are some small and good business ideas which can be started in Tennessee. There a many other businesses which can be taken into consideration, but these ideas are one of the best which can help you earn hard cash and a successful growing business.

Business is not always a matter of hard work, but also the talent in you and how you handle tasks and manage it. Your vision will always help you to focus on your work and once it is mixed with hard work and some luck, no one can stop you to achieve your goals and become a successful businessman one day.

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