Akinator VIP MOD APK v8.2.4: Download [Unlocked Premium]

Akinator VIP MOD APK

A computer and mobile-based game developed by French company Elokence SAS, this is a really interactive and fun application that determines the fictional or the real-life character in the player’s mind with the help of the hints obtained by asking a series of questions. A genie game that reads the user’s mind is the theme on which this application is based.

akinator vip mod apk
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The exciting gameplay mode of the Akinator is one of the most entertaining puzzles in which the player challenges the Genie in the epic name; guessing challenges is a fun, know-it-all relaxing game. A magical application that is really an entertaining one that is incredibly accurate in offering the results.

With over 1M+ downloads, the application is a bit different in the category of entertainment. The application is both relaxing, fun, and at the same time offers some of the best information about various things as you laugh through the tricky puzzles that Akinator will answer to.

Akinator VIP MOD APK – A Quick View

Akinator MOD APK is a unique application based on puzzles and guesses games wherein the genie tries to guess any fictional or non-fictional character in the player’s mind based on the series of questions. Fun to play entertainment application, this is really relaxing with a simple user interface.

Let us have a quick look at the prime details of the APK.

Latest Version8.2.4
DeveloperElokence SAS
RequirementAndroid 4.4 (KitKat)
MOD ChargesFree
MOD Unique FeaturesPremium features unlocked and no ads
Release Date24 February 2012
Update Date 14 November 2020

Features of Akinator VIP MOD APK

Looking for a different kind of entertainment, this application is a fun guess game. A fun thinking challenging game, the genie will guess the character in the player’s mind based on a series of questions. The features of the application that makes this application different from others are:

  • Simple and Accessible Interface For All ages

The application is simple and addictive and comes up with some of the most interesting and mind-twisting names to challenge the genie. The simple question with 5 easy options to select from, and the application is honest entertainment. The game is suited for all age groups making it even more popular.

  • Multiple Themes to Select From

The application is entertaining, and with the multiple themes, it offers even more interesting experiences. Also, as the game moves forward, the knowledge of the genie increases. With the continuous release of the new content, the entertaining game is even more entertaining.

  • Multiple Languages to Enjoy

The application is offered in over 16+ languages, which makes the application even more intuitive and fun. One can choose the most comfortable language from the list, which includes French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, Polish, Hebrew, German, Italian, and Turkish. 

  • Join the Hall of Fame

The improved in-game experiences offer the Hall of Fame Challenges that allow the players to participate and have fun with friends and other top players. Complete the challenges and list down the name in the epic Hall of Fame ranking, and let others know about the achievements.

  • Various Daily Challenges 

A gaming entertainment application, this offers various daily challenges to participate and enjoy. The 5 mysterious character challenges in the game are enjoyable to participate in and range from moderate to difficult. Win the awesome Aki Awards and have fun with the challenges.

  • Review Aki Awards Board

From the incredible Black, Platinum, and Gold Aki Awards, the Akinator VIP players can easily review the board at any time.

  • Make Your Contribution

If you wish to contribute to the game, then submit a picture and related questions. The team will consider your contribution, and when found apt, one will add it to the game for other gamers.

  • Customize the Genie

A game without the customization feature is incomplete. Select from the options like Disco Genie or a vampire with 12 hats and 13 clothes. Create an ideal genie and unleash the creativity.

  • Record in-game video

If you are looking forward to capturing some hilarious and funny content, the application allows the in-game recording facility. One can share the videos so created to have fun.

  • High Quality with no ads

The most interesting part of the game is that the content is really high HD quality and amazing. The no ads feature makes using the application fun.

To Wrap Up

Akinator MOD APK is a perfect entertaining application in the form of a game. The engaging puzzles in the play game with the interactive genie make the application one of the most entertaining and enjoyable. Let the genie take up the challenge, guess what’s in your mind, and have a fun experience.

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