10 Best GameBoy [GBA] Emulators for Android: Play GameBoy Advance Games


Game boy color and Game boy were the legendary consoles where it all began. Their release indicated that playing and carrying games in the pocket. Handheld games and gaming consoles have seen a lot of development ever since. As there are a lot of people who have a fantasy of playing it.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the superior game boy emulators. Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance and GameBoy Color for Android.  Here are some of the best GBA emulators android.

10 Best GameBoy [GBA] Emulators for Android

1. EmuBox – Fast NDS Emulator

Emubox is further and most new all in one gaming emulator which makes it the best GBA emulators android. It functions mostly like a Classic Boy yet with an extensive list of supported consoles.

This is inclusive of Playstation, SNES, Nintendo DS along with Game Boy Advance. Usually, it has all kinds of features which include save state, load state, fast forward support and cheat code support. To make it more interesting there is a hardware controller support too.

EmuBox is unbelievably good for how contemporary its design is. The thing which makes it even better is there are no in-app purchases. There may be some advertisements though.

2. ClassicBoy (Emulator)

ClassicBoy stands as one of the most remarkable all in one gaming emulators. ClassicBoy has a plethora of Sea Genesis, PlayStation, NES, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy and GameBoy Color.

It has all that an emulator needs to have. The application supports all kinds of games and is the ones we have tested. Moreover, you get load states, save states, cheat code, fast forward support.

Also, there is support for hardware controllers. The app has a version where a few features missing from the premium version are included. It makes it the best Gameboy emulator.

3. GBC.emu (Paid)

GBC.emu too is designed by Robert Brogila and stands as one of the most competitive Game Boy Color along with Game Boy emulators present on Android. There is additional support for Game Boy Color and GameBoy systems one can play with the console. Additionally, it has a great rate of compatibility which means the majority of the games would work.

It supports Gameshark and Gamegenie cheat codes, including the support for cross-platform support with the Desktop version for most hardware controllers. Best is that it is open support and the only backlash of GBC.emu is that one will have to play by paying or a premium playing option.

One should be rest assured to try it out of the free time so to ensure you are happy doing it. Acclaimed to be the best Gameboy emulator.

4. John GBAC

Here comes the best GBU emulator. John GBAC is the predecessor of Game Boy emulators designed for Android. It switches with the John GBC and John GBA and inserts the functionality of all under a single roof which costs less than using them altogether.

It is a fine gaming emulator that comes out designed by a developer who has created superb emulators. Using it gives the owner the freedom to enjoy virtual and hardware support for the controller. And it has a feature of SD card support, turbo buttons along with the 16 frames fast forward which can come down to 0.25 slow and some additional features.

Features that make it great such as cheat codes and dropbox and it surely anyone would suggest and would work with all kinds of ROM.

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5. GBA.emu (Paid)

GBA.emu among the 2 game boy emulators designed by Brogolia, Robert. As this is the one more suitable for the Game Boy Advance. As it has features such as instant saves, cheat code support, BIOS emulation, and hardware controller support.

It does come with a game console design with ROMS that most phones are fitted with. Hence making it an app that can run smoothly without any kind of hindrance. Therefore making it cross-platform support with PC or desktop version.

Playing it virtually is now possible. The sad part is there is no free version of it to try. As one will have to need testing it out of refund or free time hence ensuring it works for you.

6. My OldBoy! Free – GBC Emulator

No doubt My OldBoy has grabbed the title of the most famous game Boy Gaming emulators. More like My Boy which was developed and designed by the same developer.

This one has some of the best set of features as it has to cheat code support, link cable emulation, slow motion, and fast forward support and hardware controller support. It is inclusive of rumble emulation and OpenGL renderings such as My Boy.

On the other hand, it is a great My Boy for most Game Boy Color and Game Boy lovers. A free version is available but the premium version comes at a little premium price.

7. My Boy! – GBA Emulator

My Boy is one of the most renowned Game Boy emulators one ever has seen to date. It has great compatibility with a plethora of features. It usually includes a superior set of features. Their support for supreme link cable along with Bluetooth or WiFi, with the compatibility of high-end gaming.

As also with the slow down and fast forward moves, support for hardware controllers. As fitted with some of the most recent and demanded features such as BIOS emulation, rumble emulation and OpenGL rendering taking into consideration the mobile’s vibrate motor. Quite an impressive and immersive experience it has got to offer.

8. Nostalgia.GBC (GBC Emulator)

Now talking about Nostalgia.GBC is something that is pretty much unknown to the gaming lovers. However, is one of the best Game Boy emulator and Game Boy color. Whether it is the free version or the premium one it has some of the 2 great features such as soft buttons for turbo functionality, best game compatibility along with the hardware keyboards and on-screen controls.

Dissimilar to the majority of gaming emulators it includes a game rewind functionality that allows a game player to go back and enjoy the previous segment of the game. Not only it is fun to use but it is available only in a few platforms.

The free version has an advertisement plethora which asks for an online connection. However, the gameplay is not interrupted by ads.

9. RetroArch

RetroArch is an emulator that supports multiple systems taking into consideration the interface of Liberto development. Over time, it has turned out that Game Boy Color, FamGame Boy Advance, and GameBoy Color all are fitted with cores that work pretty fine with RetroArch.

Hence making it possible to play in a single app. It does not have multiple features yet is known to have a great compatibility rate. It is not just free, open-source and no ads at all. The backdrop of it is one will need to learn how to use it and is much more complicated than any other gaming emulators.

10. Pizza Boy GBA Free

Pizza Boy GBA is one of the latest gaming consoles that entered the emulator segments. It is the one for the Game Boy Advance series and is quite perfect for the latest emulator that rolled out.

As it has a gameplay screen boasting of 60FPS, no ads, slow motion and fast forward along with the most beloved feature hardware support. And has a save state feature. This one comes with no ads and no price asked for it which is one of a kind unique Game Boy emulators for Android.

It is free from the occasional bug which the majority of the gamers complain about.


So here were some of the most remarkable best GBU emulators, hope the article was helpful if you have any more gaming consoles on your list, kindly share with us in the comment box

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