Sites Like Alibaba: Top 10 Sites Similar To Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the leading online Chinese portals, famous in the world for import and export of goods all across the globe.

Chinese products are always in demand everywhere around the world because of their exceptional prices. 

But if you something more than just Chinese products, where do you go for your import-export business? 

Here we have listed 10 alternatives to Alibaba. Check-out these sites similar to Alibaba and expand your horizon of product search.

You will come across more variations by exploring more portals. Plus, you never know where you get the best deal!

Why is there such a huge demand for Chinese products in the world?

Importing different goods from China is a common practice in the world-wide import-export business. The reasons for vendors choosing Chinese suppliers and their products are.

  • All products are available at a very low price.
  • Acquiring small quantities of items is easy.
  • The risk factor of product delivery assurance is reduced by the presence of thousands of Chinese suppliers.
  • Being an online forum, conversion with your suppliers become more convenient.
  • Alibaba websites are leading the global market of import business by selling the latest trends in the market.
  • The wholesale supply is very fast here.

Top 10 Alibaba Alternative Websites Around The World:

1. Alibaba USA

This is the American version of Alibaba meant for its suppliers in the USA. This budding counterpart of Alibaba has successfully won the heart of the American sellers.

However, the product prices over here a bit higher than what is available with the Chinese suppliers.

But on the bright side, you save a lot of your time that otherwise would have been inevitable with the Chinese suppliers.

This is a relatively new website in the market and is still outsourcing their products from the global market rather than ones manufactured locally.

Alibaba USA

Download Alibaba US App for Android & iOS

2. Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce platform that is globally acknowledged in both B2B and B2C markets. From books, furniture to clothes and jewelry, you get anything and everything over here.


In this online forum, you can buy products exclusively manufactured by Amazon, become a seller and trade with a store credit, or simply remain as the user for who buys from various suppliers.

To get more out of Amazon, it is recommended you use their Prime Membership benefit.

Download Amazon App for Android & iOS

3. Lightinthebox

This is probably the best alternative version of the Alibaba marketplace in China. They have more than 60,000 variations in products, ranging from electronics to furniture to toys to fashion wear.

Why are people considering their purchase option from Lightinthebox?

  • Best collection of wedding dresses in China
  • Avail 6%-8% discount on every billing exceeding the valuation of $300
  • They serve both the retail and wholesale market
  • Provide post-sale customer services
  • Their warehouses are located overseas
  • Shipping is possible in 10 various modes

Download Lightinthebox App for Android & iOS

4. AliExpress

This is an upgraded version of Alibaba that came into the market in 2010 and earned quite a good reputation in the International market.

However, this e-commerce platform is not meant for direct B2C selling.


Apart from the great product prices, AliExpress offers great trading benefits to its partners.

  • There are no limitations to the minimum of maximum quality of products that can be purchased from this platform.
  • They offer free shipping on all their orders
  • You can simply pick and choose from the e-commerce website. There is no communication between the buyer and the supplier. So, there is no possibility of miscommunication as well.

Download Lightinthebox App for Android & iOS

5. FGmarket

This is one of the best sites like Alibaba in the USA. You will find a wide range of products by filtering them as per the category. Their services are however restricted US-based suppliers only. 

Having US suppliers for every product, though raises the product cost than Chinese items, is beneficial for the buyers since the communication gap is reduced now.

they guarantee the safety of buyers to the best extend. They have different privacy and safety protocols for the same.


Tips: if you’re looking for the best place to sell clothes online then must try similar to poshmark & ASOS

6. Walmart

This is the US version of Alibaba, that offers online as well as brick-and-mortar stores for a variety of products. Walmart stores are now available worldwide. 

Their services are not restricted to in-store services like furniture, toys, electronic items, etc. They extend their services to online video streaming as well.


Download Walmart App for Android & iOS


HKTDC or Hong Kong Trade Development Council, a company since 1966 is well-known in the trade market as one of the lead import-export companies. 

They had arranged international trade conferences for many years and kept their customers updated with the latest products in every segment.


Why is HKTDC so famous? Simply because:

  • They are experienced
  • The taxes applicable to HKTDC products are very low

The only issue while dealing with suppliers is related to language barriers.

Download HKTDC App for Android & iOS

8. Bizbilla

Products at Bizbilla are not very elaborate but they have suppliers from different corners of China and India.

They have an excellent filter system so that you can search for products based on categories, suppliers, and product niche.

Locating a supplier is very easy from this website.


9. Chinabrands

This is the best platform for online wholesale business of different product niches. Chinabrands is facilitating small business organizations to manufacture their products and market them on the International platform. 

Their services are not restricted to product trading but also gets extended to financing and shipping services. Though this is a Chinese company, you will not face any language barriers over here.


Their services are available in multiple languages like German, French, English, Chines, Spanish, and Russian.

10. Eezee

This e-commerce wholesale website is based out of Singapore. Though their main market is restricted to Singapore only, they are expanding fast across Asia gradually. They offer a wide range of products at exciting prices. 

They are specialized in supplying hardware items for industries and factories. The cherry on the cake here is their reliable team of workers.


Download Eezee App for Android & iOS

11. TradeKey

TradeKey is the best e-commerce platform for the import-export business of electronic devices. Services of TradeKey is available across 240 countries of the world. 

If you are worried about the linguistic troubles, there is no such barrier over here. They operate on a multi-linguistic module.

Vendors like from all across the globe are now days choosing TradeKey to electronic products because.

  • Global exposure to their brand
  • Suppliers are well trained in handling import orders and shipping
  • They have a clear vision for the business.


There are many websites like Alibaba that offer excellent service in the online wholesale market.

They are dedicated to providing the international trade market with quality products from trusted suppliers at the best price.

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