Sites like Fashion Nova: 15 Alternative Stores Like Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a trending website for fashion shopping in the market. The website has earned its reputation for providing top brands in fashion at an affordable rate to all its clients. 

This is a USA based website that has slowly emerged into a strong platform for online shopping of fashion clothing and accessories. 

But there are more sites like Fashion Nova in the market. We have listed 15 such sites similar to Fashion Nova that will help you with your search for the latest fashion at the best price.

Top 15 Online Stores Like Fashion Nova:

1. Boohoo

Boohoo is one of the online platforms into cloth shopping where you get an unlimited collection of latest trends in the market. The rates are also very much affordable.


Though there is no free shipping option for small orders, you can always return the product in case there are issues.

Just ensure that the return happens within 28-days of the delivery of the product.

Download Boohoo App for Android & iOS

2. Pretty Little Thing

This is the best place to look for style in the online market. This is probably one of the best one-stop-shop for fashion at an affordable rate. From clothing to accessories, everything is available here.

Pretty Little Thing

The products available over here are solely focused on women. To add more to their benefits, Pretty Little Thing is offering a 10% discount for students.

Here also you will be able to return the product up to 28-days from the day of delivery.

Download Pretty Little Thing App for Android & iOS

3. Shein

This user-friendly e-commerce site for fashion accessories and apparel came into the market recently in 2018 and is already ruling the market.

Though they are specialized in providing the best women’s clothing at a cheap rate, they also have collections for men and kids.

Download Shein App for Android & iOS

4. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is an online platform for fashion shopping that was prepared with the aim of best attire to young women across the globe. Naturally, they have collections that are ideally stocked for teenagers and alike.

This San Francisco based company has emerged into one of the leaders in online shopping, especially for young and confident women.

Nasty Gal

Download Nasty Gal App for Android & iOS

5. Forever 21

Like the name says, Forever 21 is dedicated to providing the latest fashion trend to young women who want to try something new. They bring about 100 new styles in the market on a daily basis.

From modern clothing to accessories to even jewelry, you get everything under one roof over here.

Forever 21

Download Forever 21 App for Android & iOS

6. Tobi

Tobi is another online fashion shopping platform offering the best quality for the latest trends. They are famous for their designer clothing collections. This company offers free shipping on bookings above $75.

Every dress you get here is perfect. From stitching to fit, every aspect of the clothes looks perfect on the ones wearing it.


Download Tobi App for Android & iOS

7. Missguided

If you are looking for stores like Fashion Nova, then Missguided is one for you. It has the boldest collection of fashion clothing available in the market. All of this is available to you at an extremely affordable rate.

If you haven’t check out the collections yet, try some. They offer free shipping on orders above $50. you also get a 30-days return period for clothes that come with defects or have issues with the fit.


Download Missguided App for Android & iOS

8. Nordstrom

This online retailer is available for residents of the USA and Canada. If you are not comfortable shopping online, they have 379 stores located all across the 40 US States.

There are services that are not restricted to these countries alone. They deliver their fashion items to 96 different countries across the globe. 


They are one of the best because.

  • They offer gifting options
  • You can customize your clothing and fashionwear
  • They offer great discounts and even free gifts

Download Nordstrom App for Android & iOS


If you are looking for the 20-something fashion trends in the market, then ASOS is the place to look for. They are ruling the market since 1999 and right now they are one of the best stores like Fashion Nova.

The name ASOS stands for As Seen on Screen. you have access to ASOS even on your mobile.


Download ASOS App for Android & iOS

10. Lulus

Lulus is yet another fashion powerhouse in the market with the latest collection of clothing. From swim-suits to chic clothing, you get everything on this platform.

They ship their product all across the globe. The best part is that it offers 30-days of return on every product you purchase.


Download Lulus App for Android & iOS

11. Showpo

Showpo is an Australian company offering free-style designer products. The products are not restricted to just clothing. You can even get trendy shoes over here. Their products are highly focused on women across the globe. 


You can even get free shipping when the billing is above $50. what’s more?

  • Get a discount of 10%, specially offered to students
  • Items bought at this place can be returned up to 14 days

Download Showpo App for Android & iOS

12. Windsorstore

Starting in 1937 as a lingerie store of the USA, Windsorstore is right now one of the leading brands of online and retail shopping in the USA for every fashion product. From low-cost local products to luxury world-class fashion clothing, you will find everything here. 


In fact, they are right now selling products Internationally too. For every order above $75, they offer free shipping. They even offer clearance sales from time to time.

If you need financial aid while paying for your shopping, you can try the installment payment option at Afterpay.

Must check also the best place to sell clothes online & some sites like Poshmark

13. Zaful

Zaful is a successful online shopping platform for China and Hong Kong. They offer the latest retail products on the market. All items here are fast selling. They ship their product to every corner of the world from South Africa, the USA to Australia. Why do they have such world fame?

  • Orders above $50 are eligible for free shipping
  • Earn points on every purchase
  • Get the best partywear here

Download Zaful App for Android & iOS

14. Dynamite

This Canadian company is one of the leading fashion brands in the world. You can get fashion products from 300 stores and online from every corner of the world. Here you have-

  • Orders above $50 eligible for free delivery
  • Product returns are available up to 30-days from the date of delivery
  • Get coupons and redeem them on every purchase.

Download Dynamite App for Android & iOS

15. In the Style

Have you ever wondered where you can find apparel like your favorite celebrity? Style is the platform where you will find such clothing at a great price. They offer-

In the Style
  • 10% off with the coupon code EXTRA10 on every purchase
  • Students get a discount of 10%
  • Get new styles every day at the online store.

Download In the Style App for Android & iOS


When you have such a great collection of products online, why do you need to look elsewhere? Websites similar to Fashion Nova are great for all your fashion quest. It’s time to restock your closet with something new.

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