14 Small Business Ideas To Start in San Francisco

San Francisco has proved to be one of the most innovative, enterprising as well as intelligent cities in the world. It has shown its unique combination of geographical beauty and the dynamic creative environment that is best for businesses.

The six fortune 500 companies, alongside the long history of the established companies in the business and professional sectors, makes San Francisco one of the perfect locations for businesses.

The business-friendly environment alongside the economic status makes San Francisco one of the best places for starting low-cost businesses as well.

San Francisco has earned a reputation in the form of a famous location for its creative energy.

The creative business ideas that you can start in san Francisco are as follows:

1. Specialty food shop

The specialty food shop gets set up at a low cost. All you will need for that is a special food item with the potential of attracting people’s attention. Everyone can bake the cake, but only a few of them have the skills for baking the perfect cake.

When you have the best skills that are involved in baking, cooking, and preparing snacks or anything that is special, then you can just easily set up the business and go ahead with it. Later, you can establish a bigger company.

2. Beauty shop


When you are already in the beauty parlor, then you can supplement the sales by adding up the cosmetic sales. Also, you can display the items for the customers who will be delighted to buy them.

In case you want to take the business further, then you can just go ahead with selling the stuff online; you have to just set up the Facebook page, upload the pictures and the description alongside the pricing.

Add some advertisements for marketing the product, receiving the orders, and delivering them appropriately.

3. Accountancy

You can provide the companies with accounting services. Lots of the companies are looking forward to outsourcing accounting services to a professional consultant. It can help them in reducing the cost and also get access to expert advice and services.

Services that you will be providing a good amount of the income include financial planning and budgeting. Bookkeeping, payroll management, tax management, financial auditing as well as inventory management are also some other services that you can offer.

There are plenty of other financial services that you can look after. Also, you can offer investment management services to private individuals.

4. Personal coach

The personal coach usually offers advice, counseling to the clients on the different life issues. You can choose to be any of the following posts like the business coach, marriage coach, educational coach, or more than that.

With that, you can become the business mentor and offer advice and support to the business owners. Also, you can teach the couples how to enjoy a happily married life and resolve the marital issues easily. Spiritual counseling offers advice to the clients.

The field of coaching is becoming the educational coaching that will be offering career guidance alongside counseling services.

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5. Babysitting


When it comes to a busy and popular city like San Francisco, there has been a huge demand for babysitting. You can just go ahead with starting with the babysitting business at the individualized level or also with the group of people that will be offering you a great way for income.

However, at the same time, you must note that you are the child lover that will be ensuring that there won’t be any room for complaint from their parents.

6. Car rental service

San Francisco is a famous tourist spot as well as a business center. This is the reason that car rental service has been in constant demand in the city. Start the rental car rental service at a low level.

What you have to do is just list the name in the directories and the online listings for getting the clients. Also at the same time, you must keep good contact with the tourism and the corporate offices.

7. Airbnb

San Francisco is a hotshot tourist spot. Airbnb and renting services will provide you with high profit-earning opportunities. Tourists are eager to find less expensive living arrangements.

If you have extra rooms or apartments, utilize them with this lucrative business idea. Renting places to tourists or even locals at affordable rates is a highly profitable small business idea in San Francisco.

8. Art and craft store

San Francisco has become the best location for the creative lineage in the city. You can start with an art and craft store and get good returns. You can also keep the different kinds of handcrafted items, pictures, mementos, showpieces as well as crafted stationery items.

Go ahead with the collection from the local artist. You can bring them from the outside state or the country and sell them. Such items will be good enough for earning you a good return

9. Boat Building

Being a city by the Bay has its own perks. Designing and building boats is a profitable business opportunity in San Francisco. The initial cost of boat building is relatively high, but the revenue in returns is highly worth it.

Water-related activities are a catch in San Francisco, both for tourists and locals. IF you go for a business in manufacturing boats, you are in for an enormous profit suit.

10. Online content production

Starting an online content development business needs a computer and a stable internet connection. As an online content developer, utilize your writing skills for earning a handsome amount while working from your comfort zone. Also, outsource the production and focus on getting new business.

11. Online retailer

Online businesses have boomed in San Francisco, taking advantage of this shift. You can start with setting up your own online retail business.

Startup by selling anything from handmade jewelry. Also, you can start with selling books and clothes to buying something unique from local supermarkets and selling them worldwide!

There is a demand for up-to-date and modern dresses. In this regard, san Francisco serves as an active hub of tourists and business travelers. With the business, you can attract people from all over the world. Design dresses featuring the history and sell them online.

It serves as a lucrative small business idea that generates a definite positive market response.

12. Candle Making

Candle-making is a growing industry among today’s youths. People are taking their candle-making business from basements to warehouses. San Francisco is the best place to start this fancy business.

It has a very low-cost initial investment. These are the steps you should follow to start your candle making business:

  • Resource yourself with the basics of candle making
  • Buy all the necessities like wax, mould, and essential oils
  • Promote your business over various platforms

13. Gadget repair shop

Are you good at repairing broken mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other gadgets? If yes, then let the world know and get paid for your skills. You can easily fix the broken screen and offer the range of the other repairs.

14. Surf Shop

Surf Shop

Surfing is a part of the San Francisco culture and character. Setting up a surf shop where you can sell boards, surfing apparel, and gear is a highly encouraging small business opportunity.

Your mode of income in this business is renting and selling surf equipment. It will be up to you to decide if you want to sell high-end quality equipment or lower-quality equipment that is commonly found everywhere.

This could be a successful startup opportunity in Bay City, as surfing here is one of the most exciting pastimes.

Final words

Each of these business ideas is one of the best ones that are worth choosing for making some good income in San Francisco. So, give up further worries and start with the business.

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