The List of Top 16 Successful Business Ideas in Chicago

Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States of America and the most populous city in Illinois, holding more than 2.7 million residents.

If you want to see yourself as an entrepreneur and want to start your business in Chicago, you are at the right place as you would get a great desirous crowd here, giving you numerous opportunities to explore your skills.

Chicago itself started as a small trading platform on the banks of the Chicago River and grew with time. The exponential development of Chicago made it one of the most significant metropolitan cities of the U.S. It gives a booming market to almost all sectors like finance, industries, e-commerce, technology, telecommunications, and commutation transport.

Chicago is among those cities that hold on to their roots no matter how fast the technology spreads its wings with the most beautiful and modern skyscrapers and office buildings.

Now a place like this will compel you to think numerous times as to “what is the best business to start in Chicago”?

Given below are the list of some small business ideas to start in Chicago:

1. Tour and Travel Agency

These days, people don’t want to get into the hassle of bookings, availability, and reservations. They want a one-stop solution for all this; therefore, approaching a travel agency is much easier for them who take care of their entire trip right from traveling to stay from food to returns.

If you love traveling and have a good knowledge of managing trips conveniently, this is the best business idea in Chicago. The travel industry has contributed a considerable number to Chicago’s economy.

2. Blogging Business

start blogging business

This Business is the best for someone who doesn’t want to invest much at the start; hence it’s a home-based work where you can choose your niche that you would love to work on and then work as per your comfort.

3. Hostel Business

Hostel Service

As the travel industry booms, the foreigners come here either to spend a good long vacation or on work trips. Now holidays like this are not for weekend getaways but longer duration, and therefore they require hostel service in this kind of situation where they can pay less compared to the hotels and also stay for a long duration.

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4. Sports Center

If you love sports, then a sports coaching center would give you a profitable earning. Chicago has been one of the participants in the 2016 summer Olympics but unfortunately had lost to Rio De Janeiro. This city consists of a lot of talent in their energetic youth population. Just proper grooming directions need to be given.

5. Renting Boat or Yacht

Renting Boat or Yacht

This city has a number of water mouths like the Chicago River, Michigan river and therefore if you have a yacht or a boat, you have a lot of opportunities to earn well.

Residents of Chicago love weekend getaways for 1-2 days, and therefore renting your yacht could be one of the best business ideas in Chicago.

6. Smartphones and Gadget Repairs

This is a metropolitan city offering all the latest technologies and gadgets to its crowd but at the same time a very few repairing outlets. If you acquire skills for repairing electronics, then this Business requires less investment but good earnings.

7. Bakers and Cakes

Though Chicago has a variety of cake shops available around the city but if you have your hands on the baking products, then you too can try your skills here and give it a new aspect with not only selling cakes around but some extra baked products too.

8. Coffee Cafe Business

This is one of the most popular businesses around, but what matters here is the look and a unique style of presentation that you can offer your audience and customers. Small talks over coffee have existed for a long time, but if you have creative ideas to experiment with, this will be one of the best business ideas in Chicago.

9. Babysitting Business

This city has many working couples residing here who at times have to leave their house early. Hence, it is difficult for them to give proper care to their kids, making this Business a highly demanded one. This Business does not require any heavy capital to start, just some permits and licenses.

10. Cleaning Business


Cleaning Business is always a profitable business idea in Chicago. As this Business offers a wide range of service facilities like cleaning, dusting, and mopping. You don’t need many heavy appliances initially.

11. Placement Services

 Many students have graduated and are in search of some kind of work or jobs around; hence this service can turn out to be an excellent opportunity to build up your venture.

There are working professionals who are often looking for a job change, and there, your placement agency can be the easiest for them to approach rather than walking around to companies.

12. Event-Management Business

Event-Management Business

Some people are born with management talent. They enjoy managing events, tasks, functions, and occasions around them. There is much happening every day, every minute in this world around us.

There are personal events like birth or wedding anniversaries or professional events like office get-togethers or parties that are happening now and then. All we need for all of these is a good event planner.

13. Catering Company

When we talk about events happening, the same goes for catering. Any occasions happening around, either have a dinner night along or at least some light snacks served.

Now to manage that and offer the guest some delicious taste, The party host often approaches the catering companies for their requirements.

14. Food Truck Business

The best part about this business is you don’t have to stick to one location. You can go around serving food to your customer on the wheels. By this, you get a chance to explore and get to know more about the local people and their tastes. It does involve an initial investment like resources for food and a food truck.

15. Salon Business

Salon Business

This service has developed into a full-grown business with time in recent years. Nowadays people want to look good, be more presentable and they like a change. You can provide home service, too, where the appointments can be booked over-call, and the service could be rendered at home.

16. Customized Gifts Business

Customized Gifts Business

Customized gifting is a new trend that has started recently, and everybody loves customized products. It could be anything from T-shirts, mugs, books, pillows and many more. Few things to remember when going for a gifting Business in Chicago:

  • Choose your product
  • Get a license for your store
  • Plan out your investment
  • Decide a location

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