List of 21 Business Ideas To Start In Michigan

Michigan, a state in the U.S.A, is located on the upper Midwestern side of America. The name Michigan is derived from a word named ‘Michigami’ in Ojibwe, which means a big lake or big water area. It is the only state which has two Peninsulas, The Upper Peninsula, also known as “The U.P.”, and the Lower Peninsula.

At first, Michigan had Indian tribes living, which was then found by the first European explorer, also the ‘Étienne Brûlé of France, in 1618. Michigan is a state which produces the greatest number of automobiles and its spare parts in the US. It is a growing state and there are a lot of business opportunities, so let’s find out.

21 Business ideas to Start in Michigan

1. Automobile Spare Parts

Michigan is the greatest producer of Automobiles and its spare parts. As we know, more and more people are buying personal vehicles and the demand for spare parts is increasing rapidly.

People also want to modify vehicles with advanced or high-tech parts in their old/new vehicles. Therefore, this is one of the best areas in which a small startup business in Michigan can be started.  

2. Tourism

Travel guide service

The tourism industry is increasing day by day. Michigan is very well known for its tourism. Travel and tourism are big sources of income for any state or country.

Starting a guide business and also helping tourists to travel in the state at the best point of interest can generate a good amount of income. It is a business in which not much investment is needed.

The things to consider are:

  • Start with knowing the basic training required.
  • Connect with the travel agencies to offer their plan to your customers.
  • Get online and share the business you perceive.
  • Make connections, seek feedback, and obtain referrals.
  • Start earning more by building a list.
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3. Luggage Storage Business

As tourists visit is a common thing, people often find a convenient way to store their luggage and enjoy their sight-seeing, exploration, and experience freely. Not everyone wants to stay overnight in a hotel as it can be expensive, but, some also have only a day to spend.

And carrying their luggage can be tiring and stress full for them as half of their consciousness stays on their luggage. Even local people who travel inter-city need such kind of service. Therefore, this is one cheap way to earn money.

4. Snacks Store Business

Snacks Store Business

The snacks industry can be a very good source of income as people love to eat. A small snacks store can earn a good amount of profit. Travelers, working people, students, groups of friends, single people, all are in search of a good snacks store. Different varieties of snacks can be made which people love in the local area, or which is famous in the United States.

5. Catering Service

Catering Service

Catering service, also known as tiffin service, is a good source of income. People working in the city are not necessarily locals. Some people are staying far away from their family, and don’t know how to cook.

Buying food from hotel’s/restaurants can be expensive and even harmful and even harmful when consumed daily. They prefer home-cooked food. This is one of the cheapest business ideas as it needs very less amount of investment.

6. Christmas Tree

Christmas is a very big festival which is celebrated in the USA. Michigan is also the third largest Christmas tree producing state in the USA. Kids eagerly wait for that time of the year as they love Santa Claus, who provides them free gifts.

Not only kids, but almost everyone waits for Christmas. And celebrating Christmas without a Christmas tree is impossible. Everyone is excited to decorate a Christmas tree.

Growing a Christmas tree and supplying them, can be one of the best ways to earn quickly in a season. 

7. Stuffed Toys Business

Kids love having stuff toys so that they can play with them whenever they want. They are like a family member for them. Wherever they go, they take it with them. Also, young girls love to have a stuff toy as well.

They cuddle it, sleep and even talk with it. The investment amount can be a little more, but this business is also interesting and can earn a good amount of profit. 

The important to point note are:

  • A profitable business requires knowledge of recruitment.
  • Connect with a recruitment agency as a freelance recruiter.
  • Search for potential employees of professional platforms.
  • Connect and conduct preliminary interviews.
  • Connect with firms to explore more opportunities.

8. Online Recruiting Agency

Online Recruiting Agency

Michigan is a growing state for engineers as it has the largest auto industry in the USA. Companies need fresh and experienced, both types of engineers.

It also has a good employment ratio. If you have a good network with these industries, you can recruit it for them and earn a good amount of money. Therefore, this proves to be a great bussines idea in Michigan. 

9. Hunting and Hiking Equipments

Michigan is a state where every 1 in 10 person hunts. The U.P., also known as the Upper Peninsula, has 100% hunters, even the women. They are a very big fan of hunting.

Hunting equipment is a necessity for hunters. Michigan people are also outdoorsy – it means that they love hiking and are also kayakers and backpackers.

With hunting, equipments for these can be kept as well. This business can earn you without fail. Having the best and high quality equipments can make you earn a good amount of money.

10. Dairy Products

Dairy products are one of the necessary products which has a lot of demand, not only in Michigan, but in other parts of the country. People often search for fresh and natural dairy products.

Starting a dairy business in Michigan and supplying locally as well as in other states can be a good way to earn some buck. This is a growing industry and will always be needed more and more in the future.

11. Stationary Business

Stationary is a necessity for schools, corporate world, banks, art industries and even in government offices. Without stationary products, no work is possible. Printing papers, pens, pencils, art work, notepads, stickers and even greeting cards.

A stationary store can be small but can have a lot of products which are used in daily life. Stationary products can be made or can be sourced and supplied.

It is a small investment business and can be highly profitable if done on a large-scale basis, which is possible if you have good contact with schools, colleges, companies, etc.

12. Men’s Grooming Store

Grooming is a very important part of life for men. Men need grooming on a daily basis. Working men need to be clean shaved and in a proper manner as they need to work. Some companies want men to be well suited up and well-groomed. Not every man has time to groom at home.

Therefore, they need a convenient place where they can relax and all the grooming work can be done in the best and cheapest way. This business does not need a big amount of investment.

13. Photography

Photography is a very trending business as people love to recreate their memories and relive that part of their life how they had spent. People like to upload their pictures on social media to show what all they have, to how they look.

Photography has become a way to communicate with people. Some want to capture their memories of pre-wedding to post-wedding. Some want to capture memories of their newborn baby.

There are a lot of events taking place in Michigan, which needs good photographers. Some want to capture their travel memories, and, as Michigan is a tourist attraction point, even this business is good in earning.

The business demands simple things like:

  • Acquire a space to start the business
  • Get a camera with a high-quality lens
  • Get some props and local charmers
  • Start sharing your picture online by creating a portfolio
  • Promote, share, seek feedback and referrals to grow

14. Mobile Ice-Cream Van

There are a lot of Ice-cream lovers all over the world. People of all age groups love ice-creams. Whether it be a cold and chilly winter or a hot summer, it is consumed in all seasons. And what if you find an ice cream van nearby when you feel like having it? Cherry-on-the-cake, right?

Also, an ice-cream van can be parked in front of schools and colleges when the students are ready to leave, and also in public places where there are a lot of people/hotspots of the city. This business can earn you good profits.

15. New and Refurbished Furniture

If you are a creative person and also crafty, you can opt for this business. People often like to change their old furniture for a new one or even want to furnish a new room or house.

Selling new furniture can gain you profit, but, buying old furniture for cheap and refurbishing them can increase their value and can give you better profits.

They will be cheaper than what big brands sell it at a price for, which will attract customers to your shop.

16. Bicycle Shop and Repair

Cycling is a trend people have started again as fuel prices are rising and it is an eco-friendly way of traveling. It also saves the environment and keeps you stay fit and healthy.

You can not only keep new bicycles and sell them, but you can also repair them and earn money from it. You can sell bicycle accessories as well. It is a profitable business.

17. Property Painting

This business needs less amount of investment and that too its one-time. All what you need is some brushes, rollers, ladders and other usual stuff. This is a skilled job.

The more creative you are, the better you can earn. Every now and then, either a house, a restaurant, or an office needs maintenance as the paint gets old.

18. Water Purifying

Michigan, as the name suggest, has water readily available. But the water should be consumable for us. Michigan is known for having purified water supply and availability problems.

There are lots of viruses and bacteria in water. And therefore, it is not drinkable. Need of purified water is a necessity to stop spreading of germs, bacteria and viruses.

This business can help you in earning very good amount of profits, and also, help keep people of Michigan’s safe and healthy. 

19. Translator/Transcriptor


If you know any other language other than your local language, it is a pro for you as this can help you earn quite a bit. Big Multi-National companies need translators as they have clients from all over the world.

They are also needed in conferences, offices and are also helpful for tourists. Also, if you are good in transcribing scripts, it can be helpful for a good source of income.

The primary things to know before starting it are:

  • Specify the languages you know for service.
  • Add the certification you possess, if any.
  • Register on translation service platforms and pass their entrance test.
  • Start translating and seek feedback from the recruiters.
  • Share your portfolio on social media for broader reach.

And here are some freelancing sites where you can offer your translation services:


20. Babysitter

In today’s life, everyone wants to work or is working. And being a parent, its not easy to work and care after your baby. Therefore, parents search for a babysitter who can take proper care of their child as a parent.

This business can earn you good and not much skills are needed for it. This can be good for housewives or young girls who want to earn some money staying at home.

The basic things to know are:

  • Understand the comfort level and tips to take care of kids.
  • Start working with the companies offering the service as a volunteer.
  • Build your portfolio by acquiring skills and certifications.
  • Connect with the parents and offer our service.
  • Build a brand to advertise yourself as the best babysitter.

And here are some babysitting sites where you can start your first babysitting job or find a local trusted babysitter:


21. Fruit Farming

Due to obesity and a lot of health problems, people are conscious now-a-days and want to eat healthy fruits. The demand for fruits is growing due to this. Michigan is known to produce the largest number of fruits in the US.

Producing fruits and supplying locally and exporting can help in making a profitable business. Peaches, tart cherries, blueberries, grapes, apple, etc. are some of the fruits which can be grown.


These are some of the best business ideas in Michigan if you want to start a business in today’s world. There are still other businesses that can be taken into consideration, but these are the top 21 which are a necessity for people, or trending or even growing in this era.

Any business needs hard work, and if you are ready for it, no one can stop you from growing your business. So, which business are you planning for? 

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