10 Couchtuner Alternatives: Watch Free Online Movies & TV Series

Are you a movie enthusiast? Do you enjoy catching all the latest TV series right after they are released? Free online platforms are the best way to enjoy unlimited TV series and movies when you have leisure time.

Of course, considering the safety factors, people prefer to stream media through Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Netflix, or similar paid platforms. 

But why pay a subscription fee when you can watch movies live through open-source services?

Couchtuner movies are 100% free and easily accessible for movie buffs. It’s an open-source platform for online movie streaming that doesn’t require you to register or pay any subscription fee. 

Couchtuner EU is an online platform to stream web-based TV series and movies. It is one of the most preferred platforms to watch movies and series from HBO, Star Movies, Warner Bros TV, HBO Max, CNN, DC Comics, and other popular channels, for free.

Why look for Couchtuner Alternatives?

The services of Couchtuner apparently look very attractive for movie enthusiasts. Why do you need Couchtuner alternatives when you have such a great platform to stream movies for free?

Well, people often come across situations when Couchtuner URL gets blocked by the server. Couchtuner never hosts any of its content. Rather, it streams content from third-party servers and hence offers movies and TV series for free. Due to such activities, Couchtuner often encounters Copyright issues and gets blocked by ISP.

You can always overcome such problems by using a VPN service. But if you don’t want to take the hassle of hiring a VPN, it is best to refer to other websites like Couchtuner to enjoy your unlimited access to movies and TV series.

Top 10 Alternatives to Couchtuner for Movie Streaming Online

There are several platforms for online movie and TV series streaming. Some sites like Couchtuner offer free movie streaming opportunity while the others are paid-portals for HD quality media files.

1. Amazon Prime Video:

If you are looking for an online movie streaming platform that is better than Couchtuner, Amazon Prime Videos is your first choice. This is a paid platform that offers unlimited access to HD quality movies, TV series, and web series for a subscription of $12.99 per month. 

Amazon Prime Videos guarantee 100% buffering-free movie time without any pop-up or ads. The site is 100% secured. Plus, you have fun-time searching for movies using different filters.

Amazon Prime website has a separate section for Oscar specials, Film Festival specials, and exclusive web series and films under the banner of “Amazon Originals.”

There are more benefits than just movie streaming with Prime membership. Once you are a Prime member, you enjoy Amazon shopping benefits with free home delivery.

You even have access to an unlimited collection of music from “Amazon Musics.” If you love storybooks, Prime membership got you covered there as well. With every prime membership plan, you get access to Amazon Kindle at a low cost.

2. PutLocker:

If you are looking for a website like Couchtuner, to be exact, PutLocker is the best option. This is a free online movie streaming platform that doesn’t require the viewers to sign up. 

PutLocker gives you access to movies from different countries. You can filter them according to cast, countries, categories, and IMDB ratings. Do you want some information about the film? Every movie on PutLocker comes with a short plot description for your reference. 

However, while operating PutLocker, one must be aware that pop-ups and ads are frequent over here. If you want a smooth streaming service, I suggest you get an Adblocker extension.

To ensure free streaming every time you open PutLocker, they offer 3-4 server links for streaming a movie. So, if one URL is down, you can use the other to watch your movie or TV series episode.

3. 123Movies:

Just like PutLocker, 123Movies is another platform like Couchtuner for movies and TV series streaming without registration. You get access to HD quality videos for free over here. 

However, if you come across buttons like “Stream in HD ” or “Download HD,” avoid using them. They usually lead you to spam websites. Pop-up is a bit disturbing over here.

Whenever you try to play a movie or TV series episode, they link you to the spam websites first. Using a VPN service with the website prevents such malicious activities.

The website has a user-friendly interface and great filters. The content of this platform is segregated into 3 platforms-

i. Movies

ii. TV Shows

iii. TV Series episodes

You can search for them by name. All content here is alphabetically arranged for smooth segregation.

4. FMovies:

FMovies is one of the most popular online movie streaming sites like Couchtuner. Here also, you get access to unlimited movies, TV series, etc. But your experience will not be the same as Couchtuner free streaming.

The website doesn’t come with excellent filter opportunities. IMDB ratings are never shown on this platform.

Every movie you watch on FMovies are in HD quality. You get to download movies for free as well. All you need to do is select the quality of media you like, and then it downloads smoothly.

5. SolarMovie:

Solarmovie is one of the sites similar to Couchtuner that offer a free streaming option without registration. Furthermore, you can create your favorite movie list on this platform or save an episode to watch later. 

If you have registered with Solarmovie for free, you become eligible to create your list of movies, place a request for your favorite movie with the customer service team, and even rate films. Don’t worry, registration with Solarmovie is also free.

Just like the Couchtuner cloud, Solarmovie never host any of its content. They stream content from third-party servers.

6. Daily TV Flix:

If you are accustomed to Couchtuner free movies, you are sure to like Daily TV Flix even more. This platform is not exclusively meant for films or TV series. You also get access to web series less heard off.

So, if you want to explore an off-beat track, this is your place.

Daily TV Flix is one of the best platforms where you get an active forum for discussion on movies, TV series, Web series, etc. You get to review your favorite show and check others’ opinion before watching something new.

7. New Episodes:

Did you miss out on the latest episode of your favorite TV show? You can catch easily on New Episodes without signing up or paying for a membership. 

This website is well-known to stream the latest TV series episodes within minutes after it has been aired. 

The TV series and episode filters are well-organized. You can find the show from their alphabetical arrangement or type the name directly on the search bar.

Just like Daily TV Flix, you can interact with other viewers about an episode on the active forum.

8. PrimeWire:

To watch the latest movies like the Couchtuner movie, you can visit PrimeWire. This online platform streams all new releases of the week in various resolutions. You don’t need to pay any premium or membership to enjoy theatre-quality movie time over PrimeWire.

Each mirror link of PrimeWire comes with their ratings. Before you play a movie, check the ratings, and understand the feedback.

9. AZ Movies:

AZ movies come with an interface similar to that of a paid online movie streaming platform. But in reality, it offers free unlimited movies and TV shows to all its viewers. 

It is known to stream both old and latest movies. While on the one hand, you get access to the new releases of the week over here; the oldest film available on this platform is Charlie Chaplin’s direction from 1915.

10. PopcornFlix:

PopcornFlix is one of the safest free online movie streaming platforms. Unlike other open platforms, the website offers significantly fewer ads and pop-ups. 

The website gained its popularity because of the massive availability of viral vids, GIFs, etc. Of course, there is a vast collection of movies and TV series as well. All latest and old movies are separately arranged on this platform.

Final Thoughts:

Everybody wants to watch free movies and TV shows during their leisure time. Couchtuner is an excellent option for that. But the site is not free of pop-ups and ads.

If you want to watch Couchtuner online movies, you can always use VPN or Adblocker extension to enjoy unhindered streaming.

Other platforms offer a similarly safe TV series streaming platform. But the best option is still to go for paid platforms

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