7 Sites Like Solarmovie: Watch Free Online Movies & TV Series

Movie lovers commonly search for websites like solarmovie to stream and download movies online. Well, there are many options for you if you want free movie streaming options. However, it is always recommended to check the legitimacy of the website you are using.

Here in this article, I have listed down the top 7 sites like solarmovie. The links to the websites, their benefits, and some of their subscription fees are all mentioned in detail. 

About SolarMovie?

Solarmovie is well-known to people as one of the leading online movie streaming platforms in the world. Some of the viewers even call Solarmovies the Netflix of the online movie streaming world. 

True, whenever you are using the solar movie to stream movies online, all you experience is uninterrupted access to HD quality videos. The platform is so well-designed that you can locate your preferred movie quickly with the name and using the filters.

There is no need to go through the boring movie descriptions to identify your favorite one. The genre filters make the search smooth.

If everything is so perfect with the website, what happened to solarmovie?

What is the real SolarMovie site problem?

The most common problem users face with solar movies, 123movies, and similar sites are server problems, pop-ups, and advertisements.

What are your alternatives to SolarMovie?

Here we have listed all the best Solarmovie alternatives, with similar features and free streaming opportunities. But no matter what you choose, to avoid the unwanted pop-ups, we recommend you use NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or similar VPN servers.

Top 7 Online Streaming Platforms like Solarmovie.to

1. Netflix:

Netflix is one of the most preferred paid-online streaming movie streaming platforms. If you want to watch movies or TV series over Netflix, registration is a must. You can choose between the membership packages to decide on the video quality.


  • The Basic Membership plan starts from $8 per month and allows no screen sharing.
  • If you go with the Premium Plan, you pay $16 and get 4-screen sharing options and unlimited access to HD and Ultra-HD quality videos.
  • Whenever you sign up with Netflix, you get a 30-days trial period for free.
  • With every membership plan, you get unlimited access to movies and TV shows from Hollywood and other areas as well.
  • Netflix offers special Netflix Original Series and Movies.

2. Amazon Prime Videos:

Amazon Prime Videos is the second most favorite website for paid online streaming. Unlike Netflix, there is only one membership plan here. The Prime membership costs $12.99 per month. You can even get a yearly plan and save money on it.

With every membership plan, you get free access to a wide range of worldwide movies, TV series, Amazon Originals (they have special films and series productions under their banner).

But Amazon Prime Videos come with other added advantages.


  • Having Amazon Prime gives you access to thousands of free movies and TV series. You can even watch movies from the Oscar and Film Festival sections.
  • Check the IMDB rating of each movie before streaming.
  • All movies are available in HD quality.
  • Amazon Prime Video membership also makes you a Prime member for shopping, Amazon Music, and more.
  • Get free delivery with Prime membership.

3. PutLocker:

PutLocker is a common solarmovie alternative where you get online movies for free. This is probably the oldest online streaming platform that is still active. 

PutLockers is mainly famous for offering all Hollywood movies, old and new. There is also a wide array of Japanese and Korean Anime and Asian Cartoons available on this platform.


  • Movie streaming is available for free on this platform
  • Get 3-4 server options to stream your movie
  • The site doesn’t require registration or signing up authority for streaming movies online
  • Searching a movie is simple with genre and country filters

4. 123Movies:

123Movies is an alternative to Solarmovie that offers the viewers a vast catalog of movies, TV series, episodes, cartoons, anime, etc. worldwide. The website is well-known among users as a platform to enjoy free online streaming.

You can even download the movies you like from the given servers. Each of the online videos is supported by 3-4 different server options to stream them. 

However, if you see the buttons like “watch HD” or ” download HD,” it is best to avoid them. They never lead you to any page apart from unwanted spam websites. Pop-ups and ads are very common with 123Movies. Using a VPN server or adblocker can prevent such malicious activities.

One of the best features of 123Movies is the customer support team. If you don’t find a movie of your choice in the online platform, you can always submit a request with them to upload it for you. The best part is that they respond and honor your requests.


  • Free online movie streaming option
  • Comes with an excellent support team
  • High-quality movie streaming opportunity
  • Get a chance to rate a movie or series

5. Hulu:

Unlike the solarmovie site, Hulu is not 100% free for movie streaming. The site is very similar to that of Netflix. It comes with a 1-month free trial period. After this, to stream movies online, you need to pay a monthly subscription of $5.99.

Hulu has more than just online movies to offer to you. Hulu comes with a special feature, a Live TV watching session. The content of this Live TV is exclusive to Hulu. It won’t be available for you, along with your regular digital cable service. To avail the Live TV streaming, you need to go for a monthly subscription package of $39.99.


  • Offer 30-days free trial session
  • Basic movie streaming is available for a cheap monthly subscription package.
  • Stream different categories of movies in HD qualities.
  • Get unlimited movie streaming chances with every subscription.

6. Vumoo:

Unlike other websites similar to Solarmovie, Vumoo offers simpler and more organized platforms for online movie streaming. There are two parts to Vumoo. One section is exclusively dedicated to movies, and the other is for streaming TV series only.

The media content of this website is well-kept. If you want to search a movie from the platform, you need to type in the name in the search tab or find it out from the genres. All movies here are arranged in alphabetic order.


  • Movies in Vumoo are available for free streaming.
  • It is a well-organized online platform
  • Doesn’t require you to register or sign up to stream movies online
  • Offers 2-3 streaming servers to save time
  • There are no pop-up blocks in this website
  • You will come across only a few ads while streaming a movie

7. Yify TV:

Yify TV is one of the websites like Solarmovie that offers free movie streaming without the need for registration. However, if you are checking out Yify TV, it is best to remember that this site is exclusively for movies. Though the name says TV, you will not be able to stream any TV series from this platform.

It is said to provide the best movie streaming experience to the users. There are no pop-ups or ads to slow down your website. Hence, you get to watch your movie without any buffering or diversion.

When you open the website, you get to see the latest releases, the trending movies, etc. You can open movies to check their IMDB rating, cast details, plot description, etc. Plus, the list of films is long. 

This site can be a heaven for movie buffs.


  • Free movie streaming at high speed without pop-ups and ads
  • HD quality videos are available
  • One-touch movie streaming opportunity
  • Get availability of 250+ movies in 21+ languages
  • An exclusive website for movies from different corners of the world


People widely prefer Solarmovie for its free movie streaming nature. But what can you do when its servers are down? Online movie streaming requires fast servers. The websites listed here for movies all operate on high-speed servers.

You can stream movies and TV series smoothly in them. However, some of them are not free of ads and pop-ups. If you wish to stream online without any interruption, getting an adblocker extension or VPN service is the best option.

We always recommend you go with paid online streaming services for more authenticity and better-quality videos.

But there are other sites as well, which offer HD quality videos for free without even registration.

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