Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist: Sell and Buy Stuff Online


Everyone has something or other stuff to buy or sell, well for starters the best place to opt for as Craigslist. It’s a paradise for the sellers. Listing products are free on this site. As most transactions take place locally, one can get the money and get the stuff outside the house instantly.

But not all may like or prefer Craigslist for some of the other reasons. One may be looking out for some more options. These sites are some of the best alternatives which let a user sell, trade or buy online if you wish to try something different. Hence a need to try sites like craigslist.

Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist

So just in case, you are on the lookout for sites similar to Craigslist, here are 15 sites that act as a perfect replacement. So go through the article for details. There are chances that you may come across the right alternative to sell and buy stuff online.

1. Facebook


Seeing Facebook on the list may probably force you to think that it’s a place that is taken into consideration for connecting with friends, family, colleagues, etc, reading status updates and so on. But it is not so. It has a great feature that allows a user to buy and sell stuff locally.

Make sure to go through the policies of the buy-sell group or before adding something that you wish to sell. Some groups have different sets of rules than other groups. Just like Craigslist, one cannot sell firearms with any FB groups. Apart from this, selling on Facebook is free of cost.

2. Letgo


Most of us watch TV commercials where the usual cliffhanger of Letgo is broadcasted. Additionally, after Facebook Letgo stands as one of the most renowned Craigslist substitutes. In terms of some areas of functionality, it takes the lead. Especially in product listings.

The on-site search console allows a user to search for products using specific keywords or general categories such as Accessories or Fashion. Hence making Letgo a much convenient option to search or list the product to sell-off. Quite strong websites like craigslist.

3. Swappa


Swappa is one of the most popular Craigslist alternatives as it allows a user to sell or buy an extensive range of electronic stuff such as

  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras
  • Watches
  • Video Games
  • Tablets

The above mentioned are just a handful of items that could be sold or bought on Swappa. It does allow a user to sell off smart home appliances such as streaming devices, thermostats, or even voice assistants. Even when selling such products on the internet, the platform does ask for a small share of the money. As being a mediator for the sale, a small amount is charged. Also, the amount is refundable if the buyer isn’t satisfied after receiving a specific product or service.

4. Recycler


A perfect option to consider for the ones who reside in the US. Recycler began its business operations as a local classified newspaper in the South of California. It became a leader in 2010 and now has a record of 18 million monthly users globally. On the other hand, Recycler is used to buy or sell pets, find homes that could be rented in or out, or sell or purchase cars. Moreover, anything that Craiglist could be used as a medium to sell.

5. OfferUp


The Craigslist alternatives go up to a certain extent. Offerup is one great alternative. Although it has an extensive number of product listings and has turned out to become pretty much familiar recently with over 22.9+ million app downloads.

It was rewarded and recognized as App of the year. Visitors & sellers are allowed to announce their specific listing on Facebook as well. It allows the sellers and buyers to get and give ratings too.

This helps make the sales process much more secure and avert any kind of scamming to a great extent. A user can accept the listed price and can make an offer too. As a user can add the listings to the watch list if you wish to buy it at once or later.

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6. Oodle


Oodle has a different way of helping a user when he or she decides to sell or buy especially locally. On other sites, only those listings are available which are posted physically on those marketplaces. With Oodle, a handful of listings are posted directly by Oodle itself, additionally, it offers a combo as Craiglist substitutes to extend the listings.

As an example, a user might see vehicles listed right from Moreover, it is a great marketplace to sell or buy antiques from local pickup or eBay.

7. Bookoo


Bookoo is considered a great app an ideal to be used by family and friends as a great Craigslist alternative. It allows a user to list the items for a one time sale or promote a yard sale.

Bookoo locations are located across the country. The majority of the locations are in towns like military bases. Hence making it easier for the military people to sell or buy belongings as with the recent update.

On the contrary, the website is slightly smaller than other substitutes at 2300000+ present members. It has quite an easy platform to use for selling and buying. Additionally, it has live chat support and a social media feel which makes it much more family-friendly.

8. Trove Market


Trove Market is one of a kind platform that allows selling used furniture for all the rooms in your house. A user can browse online with a mobile app or from a desktop. Trove will automatically detect the location so to display the most appropriate listings, or one can browse the listings across the nation.

It does not matter in the slightest if you are on the hunt for furniture that has been restored, might be an antique or something new. The trove market possibly has something that you have been looking for. As major furniture items are all bulky one will have to arrange a pickup after the purchase.

However, some shippers do provide the facility if the product is to be delivered somewhere around.

9. Geebo


Geebo came into existence in the year 1999, it lets a user sell or buy heavy equipment, real estate, vehicles or merchandise. For anyone who resides in L.A, it is a must-try, but also preferable for the ones who live in Chicago. Geebo is a great preference for the ones who live in mid-major towns such as Tulsa, Cincinnati or Virginia Beach.

As a method of selling or buying and is comparably much safer than any other website. Geebo has some unique offerings such as SafeTrade transactions. This usually walks in the picture when sellers and buyers agree to meet at a local authority or police department

10. Hoobly


Of all the alternatives listed in this article, all are no doubt Craigslist substitutes but this one is the closest substitute to Craiglist in terms of look and feel. A user can search for anything on the website. In addition to that, there are tons of product listings across Europe and Canada.

It is seen as one of the most comfortable alternatives when it comes to buying or selling pet animals or any category or also all kinds of merchandise categories listed. Shopping or posting on Hoobly is free.

11. PeerHub


PeerHub asserts to be a blend of eBay, Etsy or Craigslist. It lets a user sell or buy either nationally or locally. A user can sell or buy locally with a credit card, Steem currency or even cash. So if you want to buy or sell it’s all free as one can use Steem to get rid of using the credit card or Paypal payment option.

Moreover, the platform has a social media platform where the product placement and product ratings get enhanced as the followers keep rising.

12. PennySaver USA


Probably, one can say PennySaver started as a newspaper company. One can get it at any grocery store or newspaper stand. Recently they went live on the web as the local deals can be seen by providing the zip code. However, they still come up with a printed edition as well. PennySaver also allows a user to publish the paid ads on their platform.

13. Ads Globe


This is a great online newspaper classified ad service as along the Ads Globe unlimited Ads could be posted for almost any category. This includes autos, real estate, pets, rentals, merchandise, and travel. It’s quite possible to promote your business or services or even special events with this Craiglist substitute.

14. ClassifiedAds


The site is completely free to use when you as a user want to sell or buy, it can be anything. has a very simple to use layout and is a great space for putting up classified ads as one may see in any newspaper just excluding the pictures uploaded.

As along several Craigslist substitutes one will have some success using it especially when dwelling in a large city. Despite the fact, they do have some boards for many smaller cities too.

15. Locanto


This is a website that is about life in more than 50+ nations. The majority of US towns have a Locanto board. The website does accept the premium ads from the huge local retailers, hence there are chances that all listing will be local.

Using Locanto usually offers a user a competitive edge if you wish to use the featured boards. Posting an ad is free but some extra features could be used if paid a little extra.


Craigslist has always been a long defending site that has assisted millions of users to sell and buy items that are no longer useful to them. But with time things change and Craigslist Alternatives walk-in and that’s something one could probably ask from sites like it.

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