24 Coke and Popcorn Alternatives: Best Place to Watch Free Movies Online


Popcorn TV and Coke are two websites that stand as one of the most incredible sites preferred by millions of viewers to watch movies online and stream TV on the internet.

These websites are among the secured and most trusted among the people and used across the globe. And it has been used as a source of both joy and entertainment. There are tons of web series, TV shows and movies available all free of cost on the site. Love Indian web series?

Good, you are where you should be. And that is the only reason why it has been people’s favorite.

However, due to some unknown circumstances, these websites are no longer available. And there are no chances of these sites bouncing back on the web.

There is no need of getting disappointed as we have listed some sites which can stand parallel in terms of entertainment. Major of these sites are free yet some are premium options. Every site has some pros and some cons, but all around these sites meet the requirement of entertaining. The movies are categorized according to the various genres based on language, review, popularity, etc.

All we hope is that you come across the best substitute of Popcorn & Coke from the list below.

24 Coke and Popcorn Alternatives

1. PopcornFlix

Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/

The substitute site to Coke and Popcorn also provides a majestic set of features to its users who wish to download and stream TV shows and movies in HD quality. Various kinds of web series and TV shows are all available on this site which makes the visitors keep visiting the page again and again. The overall reviews are very good along with the Alexa rank being quite good. Hence explaining why the site is so popular among all its users spread wide across the globe. All in all, great coke and popcorn alternatives.

2. Showbox

Website: https://showbox.kim/

First and foremost, Showbox provides amazing TV shows and movies in a wide range of formats and video qualities. So a user has full freedom to choose from what quality he’d like to see the content in. The Showbox app could be installed on the smartphone too. As the app has some of the most amazing features in it, designed with a user point of view. The top-notch features can help with ease in entertainment. A great option acting as a perfect substitute for Coke and Popcorn.

3. Yidio.com

Website: https://www.yidio.com/

Yidio.com has the same set of features as any site in its niche would offer. That means it has great quality content for the users. Browsing through my favorite TV shows is now easy and effortless with Yidio. As the content is arranged according to the alphabetical order. Or a user can choose to arrange the content according to reviews, rating, popularity, language, genre and even year.

4. Movie Zion

Website: https://www6.movierill.com/

This site may probably not be the best option in comparison with Coke and Popcorn as the movies and TV shows are not that great in numbers. There are slight chances that one can come across the movies which you may be looking for. The best thing about Movie Zion is that the quality of movies is absolutely great in resolution. This is a site that is definitely worth a try.

5. TV Series Net

Website: http://tvseries.net/tv.html

As could be understood from its name, this is a great substitute for Coke and Popcorn sites. Thereby sticking to it can mean lots of entertainment guaranteed. It is a popular name in the dominion of internet-based entertainment. As streaming on this site offers unlimited entertainment, all for free. So whether it is a Korean TV show or American movie, it simply has it all. The only thing that this website asks for is to log in with the email address, and that’s it. Entertainment awaits you. Hence allowing you to watch and use modern family coke and popcorn.

See Also:

6. PrimeWire

Website: https://ww1.1primewire.com/

PrimeWire is a site that has almost all kinds of TV shows and movies in its database. The TV shows and movies can be sorted out with the help of filters based on year, genre, etc. Also, there is an on-site search console which allows the users to search for the content by its name. The other feature it has is the save offline option. Hence allowing you to download and watch the movie without the internet connection or when free. Online songs can be streamed too. It is an allrounder in terms of entertainment.

7. Crunchyroll

Website: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

The website’s name tells the users about the thrilling content it has. As the moment you visit this site, the UI is quite simple and fun to use. On the other hand, the UI is very much like the UI of the Coke and Popcorn site. And that is the reason why this site is believed to be the best substitute for Coke and Popcorn sites. Any TV show or movie that you are looking for can be accessed conveniently on the site. The site is believed to be a source of entertainment for all the users.

8. BIGSTAR Movies

Website: http://www.bigstarmovies.tv/

A famous website for offering big-time movies which are not easily available on the internet. The SEO of this site is very efficient hence returning with some of the other search results you type in the search console. Some animated movies for kids are available too.

9. Viewster.com

Website: http://www.viewster.com/

Viewster has the best features which are hard to ignore. It is one of the oldest names when it comes to online entertainment. It is not just free but having resolutions of all types. It stands as one of the most trusted substitutes for Coke and Popcorn.

10. WatchFree

Website: https://watchfree.su/

As it could be understood from its name that all the content offered on this site is for free. And the UI is quite pleasing and easy to use. A completely safe alternative for streaming online.  There are tons of Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment options on this site.

11. Niter

Website: http://nites.tv/

A great place for getting all the entertainment one will ever need of downloading and streaming movies securely and reliably. Downloading the movies is now much easier with Niter. Loved and supported by millions of users. The reviews are quite OK which makes it a great substitute for Coke and Popcorn users.

12. Tubi TV

Website: https://tubitv.com/

Considered as one of the best substitutes of Popcorn & Coke. The content is available in HD resolution and is a plus point for this site. Additionally, the UI is quite appealing according to most users. The official app of this site is available for android and iOS devices.

13. SolarMovie

Website: https://solarmovie.mom/

This site has an appealing UI to the users who wish to search TV shows and movies in various languages of different genres. An on-site search console available to help in easing the search for different movies and TV shows.

14. Vumoo

Website: https://vumoo.life/

This is a great option for online streaming sites which are very proficient in offering the best quality stuff to the users. Vumoo has great credibility in the entertainment sector. Additionally, the UI is quite user-friendly. See the coke and popcorn modern family.

15. Netflix

Website: https://www.netflix.com/

The name is not new to any person who is an admirer of movies and TV shows. Video content is available in great variety and in different video qualities. There are some web series that are associated and produced exclusively by Netflix. And comes at a hefty price. The GUI is quite appealing and highlights the features of Netflix.

16. Hulu

Website: https://www.hulu.com/

Just like Amazon Prime and Netflix, Hulu is a great premium option for streaming sites, quite appealing and famous among the users across the globe. Alike NetFlix it does not ask for any money. A handful of the great quality stuff is available on Hulu and all for free, isn’t that great?

17. Kodi

Website: https://kodi.tv/

There is no need to pay any money or additional subscription for accessing the TV shows and movies on this site. Additionally streaming unlimited content on Kodi is now possible. One cannot say it’s the best but probably but it does have a lot of stuff that can entertain.

18. Sony Crackle

Website: https://www.crackle.com/

The website is a great success when it comes to attracting users by providing the content of great quality and a wide range of genres. Korean series, American web series along various movies are available on the database of the site.  All the content is available in HD. Additionally, it stands as one of the best alternatives to Coke and Popcorn.

19. CMoviesHD

Website: https://cmovies.tv/

As it could be simply understood from the name of this website that it majority concentrates on the tv series. As along with those movies and all TV shows are available for free. Unlimited streaming of the best content in great quality is one of the many features of the site. This makes it a great alternative to Coke and Popcorn.

20. SnagFilms

Website: https://www.snagfilms.com/

Snag Films is a great site to get all the entertainment whether it is classic American movies, TV shows,  web series, etc. Earlier it was not as popular as it is now. As it got all the popularity due to the unique features and offerings that others fail to offer. It just does not have the classic stuff but the recent and in trend stuff as well. Hence consisting of some of the best coke and popcorn movies.

The others are:

21. Putlocker

22. YTS

23. 123Movies

24. FMovies


The above mentioned alternative sites to Coke and Popcorn are one of the most ideal choices to make when talking about entertainment substitutes. So if you have any other sites other than those mentioned.

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