5 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Your Homework, Assignments

Still busy looking for the best textsheet alternatives?

The fact cannot be denied that Textsheet stood as one of the best sites for students in looking for solutions for the assignments and homework.

Unfortunately, the site went down due to copyright issues. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about as in this article we will discuss some of the sites which can help in getting the same done.

What is Textsheet?

The Textsheet.com website was created to serve one purpose: and that was to offer the required textbook and homework solutions free of cost.

Though it was all free it made use of alternative sites info and offering the same for free so it got rammed down in a copyright storm by those website owners. Textsheet had millions of monthly visits and it was all students.

As we all know, the site had a simple design which made it easy to use with enhanced efficiency. Everything no matter what it comes to an end so does the Textsheet site.

It would be next to impossible looking for a similar website like this but let us list down the best substitute to Textsheet.

5 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students

1. StudyLib

Website: https://studylib.net/

StudyLib translates to study the library and provides an efficient way to deal with smart learning relevant to several subjects.

The site is a great substitute for TextSheet because of the number of features and options it provides. You can smoothly come across the answers for major subjects taught in school.


So the class assignments are now something that can be easily dealt with while allowing a user to get the homework completed in just no time.

The site does that in a very efficient manner by providing the most useful academic data to the user.

So whether it is research papers, answer sheets, or textbooks it all is there on TextSheet’s website.

Not just the UI of the site is great but it is the same thing that makes the site easy to use for students. Navigating and browsing options are quite easy to find on this site.

It lets you take care of the toughest subjects such as social science, geography, history, arts, engineering, maths, technology, electronics, etc.

For a student, it is something that can allow them with unbarred access to documents and files relevant to the subjects. All of these documents and files are freely available for students to download so to get done with the homework or assignments.

The site does not stop at this, it allows a student to upload study material so to help other fellow students as well.

Download StudyLib Chrome Extension for (Dictionary and Flashcards)

2. Chegg

Website: https://chegg.com/

Chegg is considered as one of the most famous substitutes and close competitors to TextSheet users. As the site has got a similar look and feels that to the TextSheet site.


The other thing which makes it even sweet is that it has all the data and files which were previously shared on TextSheet.

That was one of the primary reasons why many of the users from TextSheet drifted towards Chegg. The feature that makes Chegg one of a kind is that it allows a user to contact experts in extreme situations.

So if there is something that doesn’t help with assignment or homework, one can contact the experts in getting over it.

Unluckily, Chegg is a site that does not allow a user to use or refer to its content and study material for free.

So if you are looking for a free alternative then you need to look elsewhere. However, once if the monthly subscription of the website is brought there is nothing left to be worried about.

As we all know going for premium can be a little overpriced sometimes but premium quality of the material and stuff is unparalleled to any kind of free stuff. Therefore, all the needed assignments and document related stuff can be found right here with no further hindrances.

Download Chegg Mobile App for Android & iOS

3. PaperHelp

Webpage: https://www.paperhelp.org/

As it could be understood from its name that Paper Help refers to a remarkable substitute doesn’t matter if you need it for study purpose or write research papers.

The site can offer anything and almost everything that one may need when dealing with research papers.


It does not make a difference in the slightest if you are in a high school, college, university, or even pursuing your Ph.D. PaperHelp can be an absolute or one can say an immediate solution to all your study worries.

So in place of writing the research papers on your own, it is better to use this site as a reference for writing the research papers. This can help you in saving a lot of time when the research paper is to be submitted urgently and you don’t have enough time.

Especially when you want to get it written by brainstorming and putting in a lot of man-hours to get it done in such a short time.

But what makes it even sweeter is that the site is very confidential and gets your identity masked so to be protected, just in case. Therefore when you ask or order a research paper from this site there is no chance one will ever come to know about it.

The research paper you order will get delivered to you in just no time. Besides the site is pretty easy to use and it takes very little time to get a hang of it. It provides an incredible user interface wherein all great options are available on the home screen or homepage itself.

Because of this reason, it has become very easy for anyone to use the site for getting research papers.

Download PaperHelp Mobile App for Android.

4. Slader

Website: https://www.slader.com/

Slader is one of the most well known and trusted alternative to textsheet amidst the US student population. That is usually due to the great quality material present on Slader is formed on the US syllabus.

The site is majorly used by the students to create unique and sound assessments and getting the homework done for free. As the site is utilized by almost every student whether it is for university students, college students, or school students on the Slader site.


Hence, coming across the subjects of your interest is now easy. The Great User Interface of the site henceforth proves to be a blessing in moving around the site.

Even though the site is entirely functional, the website of Slader is quite robust and modern. The site is mostly appreciated by the users who wish to surf on a site that eases searching for study material i.e. easy navigation.

The site lets a user do all that without needing to pay a small dime. But as all good things have some drawbacks; this one is not different too. It just has some ads buzzing over it. Going for the premium version may offer the same study material but without the advertisements.

Buying a premium version of the Slader site will let a user get rid of all the advertisements as it offers a great studying experience making use of the Slader site.

Download Slader Mobile App for Android & iOS

5. Course Hero

Website: http://coursehero.com/

As could be understood from its name, Course Hero is a remarkable site for the ones who prefer to use it for particular educational courses.

The site is known to offer a massive chunk of study material or documents that account to be about 25million additionally several courses. That is something that makes the site a perfect one for the students.

Course Hero

As it helps in easing the process of creating assessments on any kind of subject or topic. Course Hero can deliver the same by offering detailed study material for all kinds of subjects.

The other feature of the Course Hero site is that it is well organized. All the research papers, documents, solutions, files or answer sheets, etc are pretty well organized.

The site has a wide array of extensive data chunks of all categories on the website of Course Hero. All this can save a lot of man-hours when trying to learn the subjects.

The best highlight that cannot be missed is the feature that lets the users upload the document which could be used as reference material for students. Additionally, get paid for it.

This specific feature is appreciated by all the users across the world as it lets users make money while still studying for the course.

Download Course Hero Mobile App for Android & iOS


The above mentioned are some of the most reliable sites referred by students when it is all about studies, research papers, solutions, assessments.

Previously these sites had been there too but because of the popularity of the Textsheet, these sites had a slightly lower. But right after the site had been brought down by the authorities for the copyright issue.

These sites have taken the place by acting as the most reliable substitutes for study websites. The above article gives details about the 5 best alternatives to textsheet.

So kindly check out these sites, and feel free to share any other sites that you are aware of, besides the one mentioned above.

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