4 Easy Fixes For Playstation 4 Error Code WS-37403-7

Recently, (Playstation) PS4 users are facing the WS-37403-7 Error Code on their screens quite frequently. The issue has been reported to be a persistent one since 2020. The error message can be disturbing, but you can fix it as well. 

Here we have an ideal guide to understand the PS4 Error WS-37403-7, the reasons behind the error, and how to fix them.

What Do You Understand by PS4 Error WS-37403-7?

PS4 Error W-37403-7 is a common error for PS4 console users. People who experienced this error code typically had network-related issues. As a result, they couldn’t launch the game or get a PS Plus subscription.

There are several reasons behind the error occurrence. The server issue being the major one. If you are unable to launch your game on PlayStation 4, you will soon get the error. But, there is nothing to worry about it. This is a resolvable issue. Once you understand the reasons behind it, fixing the error becomes a matter of a few minutes.

Why Does The WS-37403-7 Error Occur?

Based on the feedback we receive from PS4 users, the WS-37403-7 error occurs because 3 reasons.

Reason 1. Server Errors:

If there is a server error, you might face the WS-37403-7 error on your PS4. Unfortunately, the only solution here is to turn off the game and try again later when the server works properly. If there is a server error and you are on an online and multiplayer game, you will likely get disconnected and unable to join back temporarily. 

If the server error persists for a long time, troubleshooting is the best way to fix it.

Reason 2. Local Connectivity Errors:

While the server causes trouble on PS4, the error message might occur due to the local internet connectivity as well. If you have slow internet connectivity or if the network has stopped working, your PS4 will not be able to operate games. Launching games on PS4 requires a stable local network.

Restarting your PS4 and the router sometimes works in favor of fixing connectivity errors. Refreshing internet connection is another safe way to proceed. 

Reason 3. Software Fault:

A corrupt software might be a rare issue to raise a PS4 Error WS-37403-7 code, but fixing this is a little more time-consuming than other issues. This error code mostly happens because of a server or connectivity issue. But, an outdated PS4 software might lead to the error as well. Try updating the software on PS4 or manually to observe changes.

How To Fix The PS4 WS-37403-7 Error Code?

By now, you have a clear idea of why you have a WS-37403-7 error on your PS4. Here are the 4 easiest solutions to fix the error when you have a stuck game on your screen.

Fix 1: Change the DNS Configuration of Your Device

Are the right DNS configuration settings on your PS4? DNS configuration requirement varies with the PlayStation console. Hence, if you have the error message on your system and restarting the Console didn’t help, try changing the DNS configuration. 

  • Open your PS4 > Click on “OK” followed by “Refresh.”
  • Go back to the main menu with you are unable to log in to your PS4.
  • Open “Setting” > Click on “Network” > Select “Test Internet Connection”.
  • Allow some time to complete the test.
  • The Test Internet connection checks if the “Internet Connection” and “Obtain IP Address” search results are successful.
  • If the “Network Sign-in” tab reflection the error code or “Failed” message, go back to the “Network Settings” page.
  • Click on “Set up Internet Connection” > Select the “Custom” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the “IP Address settings” > Click on “Automatic” > Select “Do Not Specify” for the DHCP Host Name.
  • Got to “DNS Settings” > Select the “Manual” option. 
  • Select “Primary Address” > Type in “”
  • On the “Secondary Address” option type “”
  • Click on “Next” after you enter the primary and secondary addresses. 

In most cases, this should fix the PS4 error.

Fix 2: Update Your PlayStation

As we said before, an outdated PlayStation can be a reason behind PS4 Error WS-37403-7 Code. Once you have that code on your system, you are unlikely to be able to update the software.

If you fail to update the console software, you will soon observe connectivity errors and the WS-37404-7 error message.

You need to update your console software manually in that case. Sometimes, when you have a computer connected to your gaming console, you can use third-party repair tools. These tools auto-detect the problem root and fix the error. Otherwise, the manual process goes as below-

  • Go to your PS4 “Settings” page > Turn off the Console.
  • Press and hold the console “Power” button and wait for “two beeps” from the system.
  • Once your PS4 Console turns on, look for the “Connect the Dualshock 4 using a USB cable and press the PS” option. 
  • Connect your Dualshock 4 to the Console with a USB cable > Click on the on-screen PS message.
  • Now, connect your PS4 controller to the Console with a USB cable > Click on the “PS” button on the controller.
  • Select the “Update System Software” option > Click on “Update using the Internet.”
  • Select the System software update option available.
  • Click on the “Next” button to download the update > Follow on-screen instructions to install the latest software version.
  • Once you complete software update installation, go to Setting,> Click on “Restart PS4”.
  • Upon a successful restart, check for error messages.

Or Try The Safe Mode to Update PS4 Console To do this follow below the steps carefully…⚠️ and I recommended before do this keep backup of all your data and applications.

  • Turn off the power on your PS4 > Ensure it is not even in the sleep mode.
  • Download and store the latest version of firmware on an external USB drive. 
Download an update file for a PS4 console
  • If your PS4 console has an ethernet connection, you can download the update on your PS4 directly (A Wi-Fi connection will not work)
  • Press and hold the “Power” button until there are two beeps. Release the button after the second beep and wait to enter the Safe Mode.
  • Connect your PS4 console with the DualShock 4 controller through a USB cable > Press the “PS” button on your controller and proceed.
  • Scroll and select the “Update System Software” option > Press the “X” button.
  • From the update menu, choose “Update Using Internet” if there is an ethernet connection. If you don’t have ethernet connect, connect your USB drive to your PS4 console and choose the option for “Update from USB Storage Device” instead.
ps4 update from usb storage device
source: youtube
  • Let your PS4 update to the latest firmware version through Safe Mode. 
  • Let the process complete > Reboot your PS4 > Check for error code persistence.
ps4 update from usb storage device

Fix 3: Relog To Your PS4 System

If a software update or DNS settings change cannot resolve the WS-3403-7 error, try re-logging to your PS4. Each time you log in to your PS4 Console, you create a large number of temporary configuration that harms the account, like the cache messages or account registration, etc.

When these data get corrupt, the error message tart appearing on your system. To resolve this, it is best to re-login to your PS4 with proper credentials and after restarting the Console. 

Fix 4: Check and Fix Server Errors

We already established that the major reason behind the ES-37403-7 error is the connectivity and server issues. While restarting the router fixes your connectivity issues most of the time, servers are a bit different. 

Your PS4 server can be under maintenance or going through downtime. Such issues will crash your game without warning. The server error is a temporary issue and typically lasts about an hour.

What if you are in mid of a game? You can check the PS4 server status frequently to understand the situation. You can look at the PS4 forum to see other similar reported issues.

And To check Status visit the official PSN Service Status link

Or alternate site to monitor downtime.

Final Thoughts

PS4 Error WS-37403-7 Code is not a permanent damaging error. Majorly this occurs because of server or internet connectivity errors. We have discussed the easiest solutions to fix this error. But if you still have a persistent one, you can always use third-party repair tools.

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