Quick Fixes: Roku Error Code ‘014.30’ No Need Tech Skills

Streaming on a Roku TCL TV, people might get the error on their screen namely “Error Code 014.30”. This error generally occurs when the speed of the internet is slow or there is a weak wireless signal. This error might also specify that there is an issue with the launch configurations of the TV and the user has to restart their Roku device as well as wireless router again.

Reason for Emerging The Error 014.30 ROKU

Usually, a Roku error 014.30 gets appeared on the screen within the purple box. This error occurs when you start a streaming session or try to attempt streaming with your Roku device. The reason of occurring this error is too weak internet signal for the device which makes Roku not work properly.

The Following Might Be The Reason for Such Causes

Weak Wireless Signal: The Roku TCL TV requires not only a wireless connection for connecting to the internet but a strong wireless signal for streaming the contents smoothly. If we move farther away from the router, the wireless signal gets weak and they cause signal issues or disconnection if we move away a lot.

Configurations: In certain cases, people face the problem of this error because they might not configure their TVs properly. Sometimes, it could be an issue with TV Software as it might miss some important files while its configuration, due to which some important system functionalities of TV could be disturbed.

Invalid Password/SSID: Often, people make the mistake of entering their wrong SSID and the password, due to which a glitch occurs as the connection gets established but the user finds a failure while accessing the internet. Due to this, the error code, Roku error 014.40 is being triggered.

How To Fix The Problem Of Roku Not Connecting To The Internet?

1st Solution: Power-cycling Devices

power cycle roku device

There might be the establishment of a corrupt DNS cache that occurs inside the WiFi router which can halt the devices from connecting to a certain service, in such conditions, power cycle both the WiFi router as well as the TV. Follow the below steps:

  • Switch off the power from both the TV and the router
  • Unplug these from the socket
  • Now, press and hold the “Power” buttons on both of these devices for discharging the electricity stored by the capacitors
  • Replug both of the devices and turn them ‘ON

2nd Solution: Reset The Factory Settings To Default

In certain situations, when the software of the TV has been affected, it gets corrected only by resetting the TV back to its factory defaults. This method clears out the problem with the TV software and composes the settings as per the factory defaults.

  • Click on the “Home” button for opening the main screen
  • Move down the list and press “Settings”
  • Explore to the “Right” and select “System”
  • Click on the “Right Arrow” and select “Advanced System Settings”
Advanced System Settings
  • Click on the “Right Arrow” button again and choose the option “Factory Reset”
  • Thereafter, press the button once more and opt for the “Factory Reset Everything” option
  • For proceeding, type the code displayed on the screen and click on the “OK“ button
  • This process will initiate resetting all the settings and configure it back to the default factory settings
  • After, the completion of the reset, it is time to turn the TV on again and reconnect it to the wireless network
  • Enter the password and the SSID for confirming the reconnection after selecting the network name

After following all of the above-said steps, check if the disconnection issue persists again.


By implementing all the steps carefully, most probably you can clear the error 014.30 Roku. If you have experienced this error, it is advisable to check your password if it has punctuation and symbols, if so, change the password removing symbols and punctuation signs. If you still face some issues, it is suggested to approach 24*7 customer support for more information on how to solve the error.

You can call Roku Support at 24×7 Helpline: +1-302-262-5444 or chat Executive in case you are facing any technical difficulties. They have certified and enough experienced executives who can resolve these Roku Errors conveniently and quickly.

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