Steps To Take if You See an “HDCP Error Roku” Message or A Purple Screen

HDCP stands for excessive-bandwidth virtual content material protection. As the clarifying name suggests, HDCP is all about protecting the goodness of various audio and video content because it traverses over a multiplicity of various styles of interfaces. Such fact interfaces as GVIF and HDMI will help the capacity of HDCP.

When the users open their device, the HDCP error Roku is detected, or sometimes the purple screen is also detected as some subscribers refer to it. It occurs frequently when one tries to open and use the device. HDCP is a plagiarism protection tool used by the television and film industries to prevent duplication of their content.

When using HDMI connections to connect devices for watching movies, series, and TV shows, each device must enable HDCP. If your Roku streaming player detects that the HDMI cable connection that is connected to your TV, audio/video receiver (AVR), or soundbar does not support the latest version of HDCP, one might encounter an “HDCP Error Detected” notice or an error message similar to the ones shown below:

HDCP Error Detected

What is HDCP?

In easy words, it can also be called a duplicate shield.

The steps that can work to stop these errors are as follows:

1. Remove the Roku’s power connection from the main socket.

2. Unplug the HDMI cord from both the TV and the Roku device.

3. Wait for a few seconds to let the setup complete.

4. Connect the HDMI cable to the TV and the Roku device.

5. Turn on the appliance by reconnecting the power connection to the power source.

6. The cause for this is between the TV powering, the Roku powering, and the HDMI connections are both ends made a corrupted signal causing the error.

7. The reason for this error is that the powering of the TV, the Roku, and the HDMI links all resulted in a bad signal, which causes the issue. Rather than pinpointing which link in the chain is broken. It demands a total shutdown of the system.

Roku HDCP Error, Causes

HDCP – High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection – is used to prevent errors in modern devices. There are a few possibilities that lead to this error, those are stated below:

  • The most common cause for this error to occur is when a user is trying to stream video that is not HDCP compatible. If the content that streams isn’t compatible with the defense system or device, this might show an error.
  • A flawed HDMI connector or its cable is another common cause of this error.

Precautions To take to Avoid HDCP Error Roku

  • Take care of the Roku Player Because any kind of material harm can create this kind of error.
  • Regularly clean both the slots of HDMI cables
  • Replace the old wire with a new one of the HDMI cable or the wires attached to the Roku device are partially or fully broken.
  • Do not connect or disconnect the wires on regular basis, because it can lead to internal slot damage as it is a very sensitive material.

Below are some of the procedures to take to correct HDCP issues and possibly prevent them in the future:

If you get an error alert while attempting to stream anything,

1. Pull the power cable out that is directly linked to your Roku device.

For a few minutes, be patient. Then, using both the cable’s ends, connect the HDMI cable to the device and the television. Make sure the cable heads are covered.

2. Connect your television and Roku player to the power source.

3. Wait for five minutes. Then, using both the ends of the cable, join the HDMI cord to the Roku device and the television.

4. Connect the television and Roku player to the power socket. Now, wait for the device to turn on and complete the setup process.

5. Now it’s time to switch on the device and start watching your favorite movies.

Another Technique to Rectify The ‘HDCP Error Detected’ Issue

Another way to rectify the HDCP issue is to use this technique. Simply follow the instructions detailed below.

1. Modify the HDMI cord from the first to the second port

2. Buy a new HDMI cable with a size of fewer than 5 feet

3. Make sure the HDMI is linked directly to the TV

Frequently asked questions

What is the consequence of an HDCP Error on the Roku player?

This message indicates that your television and Roku device are at odds with one another. This is the best term for describing what happens when two HDMI devices are connected directly. The data interchange between them does not always go smoothly.

How can users bypass the HDCP Error?

1. You’ll need to get an HDMI and HDCP Splitter, and then connect the HDCP device you bought directly to the HDMI Splitter.
2. Connect the HDMI Splitter to the system.
3. Resume the device with caution. You can now watch and play videos. All HDCP faults will be eliminated.

What Causes a Roku HDCP Error?

There are two causes for HDCP errors, both of which might result in error code 020. The Roku HDCP error can also be caused by faulty HDMI cables or connectors. Also, if you’re streaming any content that doesn’t support content-protection technology, this can happen.


To summarise, the Roku device is a good choice for anyone looking to view TV series and movies on large displays. These are the necessary things that users should know about Roku HDCP errors.

Therefore, whenever the Roku device starts to display an error, the next you’ll see is the HDCP Error Detected sometimes with error code 020. When this HDCP error occurs, you should not be concerned because it is a basic problem that can be resolved using the provided methods.

At this point, one must follow the steps listed above to fix the error.

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