Reasons for STB getting blocked

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which is used to enjoy TV, videos, and video on demand (VOD) using the internet ( Video on demand). A few decades back, people used to watch everything on cable, and satellite.

IPTV services are cheaper and more reliable than high-priced cable charges which have few error problems. Users can watch videos according to their convenience and schedule and not as a prearranged timetable that is usually set by a cable provider. IPTV does not require any type of antennas or satellite dishes, it just needs an active internet connection and an IPTV top-box that translates the packets to an audio/video signal.

When a user is using an IPTV set-top box, they may receive a spontaneous note stating that their device has been banned and that they cannot use it at this point. This might be irritating and restrain you from enjoying your IPTV material. There are some pointers on how to deal with and unblock STB blocks for IPTV. Those are stated below:

Take help from Your IPTV Service Provider

While most of the users would have most likely considered this trip, but still it is very important to message or call your IPTV service provider before trying out any other recommendations. There is a possibility they will cure the error.

If your relations with them aren’t going well and you’re still skeptical about how to unblock STB on IPTV, evaluate the following recommendations:

How to Deal with IPTV Blocks on STBs and How to Get Around Them

Change the Portal

The STB devices get blocked and the portal is shown as invalid. This is one of the tips the data provides always give when we contact them. There is one solution to fix the error of the STB block is to go into the settings and change the portal.

Sometimes users receive the STB blocked message because their portal address has been changed or not updated on their subscription plan account. That means users have to manually change the portal or URL address and update the device.

There may be a different name depending on the brands. There is a Portal option under the System Settings menu. When you click it, you’ll see a few windows where you can enter the Portal name and URL.

Enter the URL and your name in there (you have to give the name you want, preferably the name of the IPTV provider itself).

Country lock

If the STB is country locked, it simply means that it will not allow it to function from another country’s carrier. This country lock is usually done by the first carrier that had it from the beginning.

In the case of STBs, the country lock is processed by their server with the carrier’s request.

To unlock the country lock, it is a must to contact the carrier.

Subscription revival for IPTV

 IPTV subscription may have expired without your acquaintance, which is why your STB has been banned. When your membership expires, the details that permit your STB to stay unblocked and related, such as the portal URL, become outdated and weak. This entails getting a new portal URL by continuing or buying a new membership.

Virtual MAC address

MAC address stands for “Media Access Control” address. If you connect to the Internet via Ethernet you have a MAC one must connect it. On initial setup, one could be getting the error because they are just using the wrong MAC address in their profile settings. Confirm with your service provider to make sure they have the correct active MAC registered.

How to fix STB blocked error?

  •  Take the power cable out from the box and wait for 20 to 30 seconds and plug back the power to IPTV again.
  • When you see the loading screen on your TV, press the manual button on the remote and let the setup process begin.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the system settings option appears.
  • If this solution does not solve the problem then we have to put the IPTV box in offline mode.
  • After putting it in offline mode, plug out the internet cable from it, or if it is connected with WIFI, then switch off the Wifi.
  • After waiting for a few seconds, plus back the cable in and press the menu button on your remote, and run the application until it finishes off itself.
  • Click on the portal option and add 2 portals.
  • Save the system settings, and your IPTV is ready to use again.


IPTV has a vast range of channels available for every age group of users. The channels can be accessed by choosing the desired subscription plan. The subscription prices vary depending on the content and the duration of the subscription.

 When the subscription date expires, the user is not able to log in to their accounts. The subscription must be renewed on regular basis by the user. If the situation remains the same then users should contact their service providers.

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