How To Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev320 Problems

Hulu error code p-dev 320 is one of the most significant error codes of the Hulu app that appears for messages and online streams.

What is Hulu error code p-dev320?

Hulu Error Code p-dev320 indicates a matter of communication between your Hulu application, Hulu web player, or the main Hulu servers. It can be caused by not having a proper internet network connectivity, an outdated Hulu app, or problems at the Hulu server. It occurs from connection problems within your networks, such as an obsolete app on your device or Hulu itself.

There are various other codes, such as p-dev318 and p-dev322. These errors are the results of Hulu itself, and they can be solved from the Hulu app.

What does Hulu error code p-dev320 mean?

Hulu error code p-dev320 means there is an issue from Hulu’s side in the case of generating content on the internet which may occur in the form of sound issues, playing videos, or watching shows on the internet.

A problem arose while using the Hulu app with other devices. In such a case, the problem can be fixed from the Hulu end or our end, depending on both sides. The error can occur even if the application is outdated, installing the new version.

The Reason Behind Hulu Error Code P-dev320 and Other Codes

Some of the prominent codes like p-dev318, p-dev322, and p-dev320 are:

  • Not installed the latest version
  • Network, connection, or internet issue
  • A problem with the Hulu app
  • Cookies hampering Hulu functions
Hulu ErrorsReason
p-dev318Your internet connection is not working
p-dev322Inconsistency of router/IP settings
p-dev320Lack of service between app and server
p-dev334The server is unreachable
p-dev313Cached files need to be thrown out
p-dev329The new update is available

How To Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev320?

To fix the error code p-dev320, find the below steps that will guide you to solve the problem.

1. See if Hulu is experiencing an outage

hulu down status

It means the services provided by Hulu are down for everyone; they are troubleshooting the issue and might get solved faster. The error can occur when too much load is gathered on the app and cannot handle; in simple words, the app crashes and will be solved within a few minutes.

2. Ensure the Hulu app is updated

Many of these issues arise when the Hulu app is not updated to a new version; either the app is working slow or not working. To update the app, make sure you have a clear backup of every data stored. To check the latest version of the app, go to settings and check the currently installed version of the Hulu app.

3. Try with a different device

If you have one or more devices playing Hulu applications, it is more convenient for everyone facing issues.

For example, if you use the Hulu application on the computer, log in on your mobile device and use the Hulu app. If the mobile device works properly, it was a problem with your previous device. So, we recommend using another device if the error code p-dev320 occurs.

The problem on your previous device might be a connectivity issue, a network issue, or the app is not installed in the latest version.

4. Clear the Hulu app cache

This is the primary thing you must do when the error occurs. Even once you reach the Hulu customer care service or contact for help, this is an official thing they will guide you to do. If you have checked the above three methods, there are high chances of getting cache data stored in your device, so it is essential to clear the Hulu cache data and function properly.

  • Open the Settings > Select Apps > Select Choose Installed Apps > Find the Hulu App > Select Storage > Now Select Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Open iOS device Settings > Select General > Select Storage > From list Select Hulu > Select Delete App and reinstall it from the App store
  • On Smart TV, Fire Stick : Open Settings > Select Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Select Hulu > Clear cache > Clear data

5. Check your Internet connection (Wifi or mobile data)

Check all your internet connections. For instance, switch all the internet connections and restart it; there might be some glitch with the internet.

  • Close all the background apps before starting to play the Hulu app
  • Restart your internet network
  • For once, try to forget the password and enter a new password and then log in
  • Connect with a different network brand (Wifi/cellular)
  • Check your internet speed

6. Check the internet speed

If you don’t know at what speed your internet is running, try reaching out to your internet service provider to check at what speed should it usually works. For high-profile streaming apps, it is crucial to have fast networking, and below are some high-end speeds mentioned.

Hulu Internet speed recommendations-

  • 3.0 Mbps for Hulu’s Streaming Library
  • 8.0 Mbps for live streams
  • 16.0 Mbps for 4K content

7. Re-login on your device

login to hulu

Go to your Hulu app account page and log out from the page. After some time, re-login with the same Id password. Most probably, the error might get fixed.

8. Contact Hulu Customer support

After all the points you have tried, and still, the issue is not solved, you might contact the customer care of the Hulu app, and they will adequately help you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is video quality on Hulu so bad?

The quality of your video depends upon your internet speed. If it might happen several times, your internet speed is not that fast, so the video quality degrades; connect with your internet service provider to fix the issue.

How do I restart my Hulu app?

To restart your Hulu app, hold the menu button for 6 seconds.

How do I contact the Hulu app?

To contact the Hulu app, you need to get customer support for the Hulu app through questions on Hulu community apps.

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